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NCC’s SIM Card Registration heading for failure.

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NCC’s SIM Card Registration heading for failure.

The N6.2 Million Sim Registration project being carried out by the Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) is reportedly heading for a failure. According to inside sources, the issues stem from the fact that there was no proper framework drafted to govern the process, as a result, the whole process as is right now is chaotic.

The most pressing issue at the moment is non-compatibility of databases. It has been learnt that the data collected by the NCC is not compatible with the database system employed by most of the telcos, as such the data cannot be merged. The implication of this is the networks currently can’t tell if a subscriber has been registered by the NCC.

Other issues plaguing the project include sale of pre-registered SIMs, unlawful registrations via proxy, multiple registrations by subscribers and also multiple registration due to recycled lines.

Although there is an ongoing data cleanup exercise amongst the Telcos now directed at addressing the multiple registration issue, (customers walking into any centre or calling in to any of the helplines are verified and their data cross checked and corrected if the need arises, after every transaction); there is no clear indication of a fix for the data incompatibility issue.

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