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iOs 6 wishlist

iOS 6, Apples next generation mobile operating system gets unveiled exactly 7 weeks from today at WWDC in San Francisco. Before then we’ll probably do a TechSuplex round-up of all the new stuff you should expect it to have (yes we are already getting some juicy details, like Apple ditching Google maps for its own apparently better maps). I just thought I should make a quick list of stuff I’d like to see on the Os. Here goes:

  1. Better multitasking: I’m a heavy user of mobile devices and most times I’m forced to do more than one thing at once…I don’t get why an app has to close or pause just because I want to check something real quickly on some other app. Give me the ability to jump between apps quickly, without going to the home screen. Something better implemented than the current multitasking dock that is activated by 2 clicks of the home button.
  2.  Better out of the box integration with mainstream technology: This here is mainly wishful thinking because of Apple’s “closed-system-works-best” philosophy. I’ve given up on getting the ability to transfer stuff via Bluetooth, or use my iPhone as a USB without hacking the life out of it. It’ll be nice to have stuff like compatible direct WiFi or DLNA out of the box. No need for accessories like Apple tv.
  3. A more localized Siri: That understands my accent and knows Food Planet’s Moi moi is the best…seriously.
  4. A more robust iMessage:…if you have used BBM before, you will know what I’m talking about.
  5. Some iPad/iPhone integration: Having used the BlackBerry Playbook/BlackBerry phone combo. I totally believe every tablet and phone should have that relationship, much more so in the case of Apple which uses the same OS basically on both devices, unlike on the blackberry where both are totally separate Oses.
  6.  Customizable phone profiles: There’s definitely more to life than just silent off and silent on,
  7. Facebook integration and better 3rd-party-app integration generally: I don’t get having to open my Facebook app to send a picture I just snapped…or take a photo, close the camera app, launch a photo editing app, and start looking for the picture I just took. Too cumbersome.

That’s all on my wishlist, at least for now, I will update this post if something else comes to mind. Let’s hear yours in the comments.

...half genius, half unserious.

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