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This Is What Developing For Android Looks Like.


This Is What Developing For Android Looks Like.

Yai Siu, CEO of Outblaze, which is the parent company of Animoca (a mobile developer company based in Japan, who have achieved as many as 70million downloads of their apps) posted the above picture as a sample of some of the devices Animoca staff have to test their apps on to ensure quality across different android devices is maintained. Apparently, each app is tested on 400 devices and tweaked to work optimally on all before release. They also claim to have detected 600 unique android devices over time!
While I suspect a lot of these devices are those Chinese devices running android that are cranked out faster than you can pronounce the company’s name, this still gives you and idea of just how fragmented the android OS is right now. I also can’t help but spare a thought for the small independent developers…they must be super to crank out apps that run decently on loads of different devices.


...half genius, half unserious.

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