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Life with Tech: the Genesis


Life with Tech: the Genesis

It’s like 1:20am, a couple of hours before this site goes up. You’ll think I’ll be in front of a computer putting finishing touches, or asleep right? Wrong…I’m at auto-lounge, somewhere in abuja hanging with a bunch of friends…and being deafened by loud music (good music by the way…but I digress). As almost customary, in such scenarios someone always hits me up on BBM with gist…to distract me from all the fun I’m having (ok, I confess, I was BBMing and being anti-social all the time I was there…fun still though…lol). Any who, this one time though, it was kuluwaz (who never sleeps…lol) letting me know there was an error on the site’s menu…a couple of hours to launch? Error on the front page!!? Unacceptable. I start thinking of how I’m gonna have to cut the fun short, and excuse myself from my friends and dash to my abode to sort the issue on a pc. Then my LED flashes to bring my attention to a new message…and the fact that I am indeed holding a smart-phone…long story short, opened the browser and edited the code…and sorted the issue…with people drinking and dancing around me. (Badass right? Lol)
What’s the point of this story? Before I answer, consider this….How many would have thought of that? (And no this is not about being smart…cos frankly I’m not). Rather, I embrace tech, so for every problem I think of the easiest tech solution. Having had the unique opportunity of offering tech support to the layman (pretty much all my life…lol) and also train “professionals” on/about new tech, I’ve come to the conclusion that the average Nigerian is a technophobe. i.e. Someone who’s “afraid of technology. (I will probably do a technophobe post later).
Technophobe or not, the use of technology in everyday life’s unavoidable.
So at the point when I was editing the page on the phone, it just occurred to me to start a new column, dedicated to every day uses of tech, hoping that some of the stories will help people embrace tech. Feel free to mail your own life with tech stories to and we’ll post them.

...half genius, half unserious.

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