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My Toys and I

If you’re as much of a nerd as I am, then you’ve probably gotten your fair share of the following question: “Why do you have so many devices”. First of all I take offence to that question because I don’t see my gadgets as devices, I see them as toys to be tinkered with, taken care of and on occasion sort of molested; but we shall address them as devices for the purpose of this writing.

Currently, I have one laptop, an HTPC, an all-in-one, a tablet and a phone amongst other things. You might be wondering why I have 3 different computers, well let me explain. Every single one these devices were purchased to serve a different purpose that I didn’t feel the other could completely live up to. The laptop because I need a laptop; It’s a Lenovo U260 and it’s the most important and most beautiful thing I own. The HTPC is there because a year ago I realized cable was a waste of money, and I needed something that could serve as a home theater device and also a replacement for cable. I download all my TV shows, so I have it connected to my TV and I watch everything from there. At this point I’m sure you’re wondering where the All-in-One fits in because quite frankly the HTPC could serve its purpose just fine, truth be told, I have it simply because it comes in handy on the rare occasion I need it.

I am not going to go into why I have a tablet because it was an impulse purchase and also because I don’t have a proper answer, but what type of nerd would I be if I didn’t buy something I didn’t need. My phone on the other hand is where all my devices start to converge. I am a big fan of inter-operability, and I need to be able to control all my devices from one central location, so I have put a lot of time and resources into making sure that is possible. Some of you might wonder, why would I go through all the stress? And the answer is simply convenience. The ability to send a torrent file to my HTPC from anywhere, making sure uTorrent is set up properly to download all the shows I watch in 720p versions as they become available, and also because quite frankly it makes me look super cool.

I genuinely love all my toys and I always do the best I can to make sure they are all comfortable because let’s face it if I don’t take care of them, who will? I had to come up with something as my maiden post and thought what’s better than writing about my gadget obsession; you guys would be hearing a lot more from me as time goes by. I promise not to bore you with stories about my toys anymore, at least until I add something new to the collection.

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