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Facebook and Twitter for Blackberry get updated to v3.1.0.11 and on the betazone


Facebook and Twitter for Blackberry get updated to v3.1.0.11 and on the betazone

A new version of Twitter for BlackBerry is now available for Beta Zone members. The latest version  brings a few new updates and fixes. Word is, this will hit BlackBerry App World soon.

Updates include:

  • Updated Tweet Details Screen – Clicking a Tweet now brings you to a content-rich Tweet details screen, designed to give you more information around the Tweet. Geotagged Tweets will show mini maps, Tweeted photos will appear larger, and Twitter conversations will be easier to follow. In addition, you will be able to see who’s Retweeted a Tweet, and by whom it has been Retweeted. To see a person’s profile screen, just click the profile picture again.
  • Undo Retweet – You can now undo a Retweet that you may have mistakenly Retweeted. You can undo a Retweet by using familiar actions used to delete a Tweet. In addition, the new Tweet details screen allows you to select the Retweet button to undo a Retweet.
  • Right to Left Language Support
  • Additional Languages – Finnish, Arabic & Hebrew

The update for Facebook doesn’t bring any new features from the last beta (compared to what’s available to the public, there are new features like facebook group support), but below is the laundry list of bug fixes from the last beta.

  • Delete Prior Messages in Inbox leads to uncaught exception
  • Unable to views comments
  • With Wi-Fi only connection on BIS SN devices user should be able to view photos
  • Likes count incorrect in Likes list if launched from stagnant comment screen
  • Can not cancel selection via the ‘back’ button
  • User photos mixed in FB message view
  • Group name appears in the group wall
  • Group Support : refresh of group wall is missing refresh animation
  • Bad error message when posting on a Group without permission
  • Groups are not translated in Hindi
  • Finnish -Some missed translations on the Groups pages
  • Accessibility: Status updates are not being read
  • WiLAN event is not being processed correctly when radio is low or changed
  • Removal of phone number request feature
  • Update help URLs for Facebook 3.1
  • Parser Error when I create comment with many returns between lines
  • Remove welcome notification and message
  • No ID for all the buttons in Facebook
  • GCM icons are cutoff on low res devices

The update should be available for all BlackBerry Beta Zone members who have been accepted to the program previously.

If you’re a Beta Zone member you can login and download the new version from

Let us know in the comments if you discover anything new.

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