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Read Now?Nah,I’ll Read It Later


Read Now?Nah,I’ll Read It Later

Everyone that follows me on twitter (@itsAydee) must have noticed that I’ve being singing the praises of a certain site and mobile app ,Read it Later. What it essentially is  is an application for managing a reading list of articles from the Internet. What that means in simple terms is, see an article you like online, its really interesting and you would like to read it later (pun intended) or share it with your friends? Simply send the link to your read it later account through the online site or browser extension or your mobile browser and bippity boppity boop, it saves it on your account so now you can now read your article later on your pc or any mobile device you may have anywhere in the world.All you need is download the articles and you can even read them offline. Magic!

Credit cannot be given however simply to Read it Later or as it is now known, Pocket. Marco Arment, co-founder of tumblr is credited for creating the first genre of this app and site with his Instapaper app. Unlike Instapaper though, Pocket is (now) a completely free app while Instapaper is a whopping $3.99! Don’t know about you, but I find the free pricing of Pocket more endearing. Also, the official Instapaper app is only available on the IOS platform while on the other hand Pocket is available on all popular platforms. There are other apps just like Pocket that also do the same thing, like Spool and Readability, where you can even save videos but of what I’ve heard, Pocket does that too now.

I think what I like most about Pocket is the lack of hassle. Simply download the mobile app on your Android phone and you can instantly save articles from your mobile browser and even your RSS feed readers and so much more. To save on Pocket for Android, simply go to share and choose Add to Pocket. Thats it! It even syncs it automatically for you in the background so as soon as you open the Pocket app, your saved article is already there for you to view offline anytime. Saving on IOS is slightly different and you may have to do some elbow work but there’s an easy peasy how to under the apps help that walks you through the process that will have you saving to Pocket in no time.

Till we get an uber cool rating system on the site, I’m giving this app a two thumbs way up! Its made my online experience that much nicer and efficient. And hey, its made winning arguments that much enjoyable too. Don’t get it later, Get it now!


Android users,get it here

IOS users,get it here

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