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How To Recover Hidden or Missing Files on A Memory Card (or USB Storage)


How To Recover Hidden or Missing Files on A Memory Card (or USB Storage)

Editor’s Note: EVERYONE is qualified to post on this site. The point is to demystify technology, seeing tech from a none techie perspective helps to achieve this. That said everyone knows Dhebbur is a “Washer” man a crazy one at that and a Techie both by habits and profession.
Before I start. Let me clear the air. I AM NOT QUALIFIED TO POST ON THIS SITE!
Why? Well, Because I am just a regular guy sending in a tip that I’ve helped a lot of regular people with.
On here, regular guys like moi are like ‘Englishmen in New York’. So I would do quick and commot, to where I’ll feel more at home. Maybe somewhere like an arsenal football blog
So, we see that they are not regular people, and a regular guy like me that has just one CDMA HTC Incredible Droid and a measly Nokia E-71 SHOULDN’T be posting where these freakazoids are posting.
But alas, I digress.
I am here to share a tip. Tips are supposed to be short, see how many lines I’ve written, and still writing.
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The Tip

So, a lot of people, unlucky people. I call them ‘unlucky’ because, this regular guy (me) is Supersanusi to them. They come to me (97% of them with BlackBerry devices) and say “I can’t find all my pictures”, “My memory card is still full, but I can’t find my music and mojos videos”. So I help them fix it. And it doesn’t take time at all. And I return their phones to them within minutes with the #Winning look on my face.
What happened to their files/folders?
Apparently, there’s some kind of virus that’s found its way to our USB sticks, laptops etc and therefore to our phones. The virus hides the files, and the regular “Show Hidden Folders” Option in Windows would not un-hide these files/folders. (Of course, that’s a regular guy’s explanation)
How to recover the files/folders?
  1. Connect the device in USB mode. (Note the Drive letter of the infected drive)
  2. Go to Start > Run > (Windows Button + R) then type cmd
  3. The MSDOS prompt shows, then type the drive letter you noted earlier, e.g E: and press enter.
  4. The MSDOS should show E:\> by now, So, go ahead and type attrib -S -H /S /D * and press enter
  5. Type exit and VOILA! All your files are back

Please note, the above command will un-hide all your files. Both System files and Hidden files. This is so because;

 The ‘-‘ in the command is used to clear an attribute
 The ‘S’ is the System File attribute
 The ‘H’ is the Hidden File attribute
/S processes files in all directories in the disk
/D process folders in the disk

Therefore, -S would clear all System File attribute and –H would clear all Hidden File attribute (at this stage, you don’t care any longer, because you have your lost but found files already, and you’ve probably closed this page. But I shall go on). /S ensures all your files are processed and /D ensures all your folders are processed.

So. Yeah that’s it.
Thanks for reading. Thanks for saying ‘Nice one mehn!‘. And thanks for saying ‘Hiss, I knew that‘.
PS. This regular guy has a name. But I liked the ring to Regular Guy.
So I’ll remain Regular Guy anytime I’m on this site.
Cheers all

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