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BlackBerry 9320 Review: Small phone, Big Punch.


BlackBerry 9320 Review: Small phone, Big Punch.

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The first indication that the 9320 is a budget smartphone is when the screen powers on. The 2.4 inch, 320 x 240, 164ppi, 65k qVGA screen looks out of place on the device, more so if you consider that its predecessor the 9360 had a decent display (480 x 360 pixels, 246 ppi).

Simply put, it is poor.

Coming from a higher end phone, you will notice the pixilation as soon as you look and it will take a while to adjust. If you are upgrading from a feature phone though, it is a decent bump in screen quality. Out of curiosity, I checked out the screen quality of a few other devices targeting the same market segment here in Nigeria, only one (out of the five) I checked had a better screen.

9320 left, 9900 right

The screen however does do what it is meant to more than sufficiently well, text on its small screen is very readable, it is particularly bright and usable outdoors and when playing a video the pixilation is less noticeable.


Reception and call quality

Making and receiving calls on the 9320 is stellar. It shines at being a phone.

Call quality is crisp, loud and clear

both when using the regular earpiece and on speaker phone. Call audio did not clip, distort or give off that hollow sound you so often hear when on speaker phone even on some high-end smartphones.
Reception was pretty good too, in testing I used two different networks and the curve consistently held data and voice consistently.

Camera and Media >>>

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