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Samsung confirms 64Gb S3 still on track


Samsung confirms 64Gb S3 still on track

The 64GB Samsung Galaxy S3 model has proven to be quite the elusive one out of the three announced versions, mostly because since its introduction, Samsung hasn’t quite yet gotten around to actually releasing the phone. This has led to speculations that the bigger capacity Galaxy S3 has been put on the chopping block. But has it really been cancelled? The Verge has received an official statement from Samsung that should be enough to put the cancellation rumors to rest. While the phone is still coming, you’re going to have to hold on to your money that much longer, because, well, Samsung has only shared a rather vague release date. Here’s what Samsung said:
The 64GB model of the GALAXY S III will be available during the second half of this year. The market availability and timing may vary and will be determined at the time of release.
We don’t think anyone is in any hurry to get the 64GB model seeing the storage flexibility that the Galaxy S3 has thanks to its
microSD card slot. There’s a possibility that Samsung won’t be releasing it in the U.S. as well, since it was never formally announced
for the country.


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