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Samsung Galaxy Note Review: is it a Tablet or a Phone?


Samsung Galaxy Note Review: is it a Tablet or a Phone?

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Once read a review of the Samsung galaxy note that started with the question “Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Neither. It’s a tablet. Or a phone.Or both. We really don’t know” and to be honest that is how the Samsung galaxy note can be viewed. Comparing it to the ordinary smartphone wouldn’t do justice to the awesome power within the rectangular casing of the tabletphone. They are not in the same class.The Samsung Galaxy Note is a phone and tablet hybrid that doesn’t really sit in any category but rocks the throne of stardom in a class of its own.


Hardware / design

The first thing to catch the attention of anyone seeing the note for the first time is its massive and beautiful 5.3-inch screen. Samsung gives the dimensions of the note as 146.85 x 82.95 x 9.65mm, and weight of 178g, making it almost as heavy as the blackberry bold 9900 and exactly as slim as the iPhone 4s.

The similarities with the Samsung galaxy S2 is there for all to see.The note has a similar home screen button and slim fit feel as the S2. Volume and power buttons retain their positions, with front and back camera’s to add the complete smart phone experience. The S pen is also an added feature, with handwriting recognition and excellent for drawing software. The relative smaller size of the note (compared to a regular tab) makes it a reliable buddy as it fits into a pocket. However, pocketing the Note is an exercise in either frustration or denial. It will fit inside your pants pocket…but try walking around and the awkward bulge becomes an issue.

Display/Reception and Call quality>>

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