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Samsung GT-E1500 Review: Does This Chief Hero Deserve Applause?


Samsung GT-E1500 Review: Does This Chief Hero Deserve Applause?

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Caught up nowadays in the deluge of technology specs like multi-core processors and “Retina” displays, it is easy to forget there exists a very wide, mostly rural demographic to whom your tech-speak makes no sense whatsoever.Your geek might as well be Greek to them.

These people just want a phone they can easily understand without peeking at a manual or learning swipe gestures; a feature phone with its simplicity, shallow learning curve and low expense. And this is where phones like the Samsung GT – E1500 (better known as the “Chief Hero”) step in.

The E1500 is GPRS dual band technology feature phone whose highest selling point (to most Nigerians at least) will be its “Always On” dual-SIM feature, relatively low cost and durability. But just how much adulation does this Chief Hero deserve for attempting to juggle these factors without poking a hole in your pocket? Read on for more.


Hardware/ Design:

The Chief Hero shares a striking resemblance with most feature phones in its class but you can tell Samsung has managed to throw in that little bit to make this phone stand out. With its grey band that encircles the perimeter of the phone to the dust-proof rubberized keypad complete with a directional/main selection button that also doubles as a dedicated Play/Pause media key, the E1500 straddles the balance between functionality, durability and design.

The first thing one notices when you pick it up is its lightweight and simple yet classy design. Everyone I showed it to first expressed surprise that a dual-SIM phone could be so compact yet weigh little. And yes, the terms “cute” and “lady-like” were used to describe it every time.

One glaring omission however is the absence of a camera on this device. It is apparently a cost-cutting move, but for a phone that supports a microSD slot, even a 2-megapixel camera is standard fare nowadays regardless of how poor picture quality might be.

Display,Reception and Call quality, media >>>

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