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Samsung GT-E1500 Review: Does This Chief Hero Deserve Applause?


Samsung GT-E1500 Review: Does This Chief Hero Deserve Applause?

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<<<Introduction and hardware


The E-1500 sports a 1.8″ TFT screen which, admittedly, can seem like an midget if placed alongside present smartphone displays but that wouldn’t be a fair comparison either. The important thing is, it does get the job done albeit with the basic 3 x 4 grid menu icons which is just the right fit for this screen size.

Text is relatively easy to read on it (except under direct sunlight of course) but there are a few quibbles, likethe cramped home screen especially with the Smart Home display feature turned on.  The good news here is that it can be turned offand most of the display characteristics are adjustable so it should be relatively easy to find the most comfortable settings.

Reception and Call Quality:

Calls on the E-1500 are clear and call quality was consistent every time while making or receiving phone calls. The few instances where calls were dropped were as a result of typical network issues and not from the phone itself.

The phone’s small footprint and weight make it relatively easy to hold against the ear for long hours during calls and it doesn’t get hot unnecessarily.


As mentioned earlier, the Chief Hero lacks a camera, which can be a deal-breaker for some, but the presence of a micro-SD slot means you can still display your photos or play your music here. The sound quality isn’t exactly stellar but the speakers were loud enough and the idea of having a dedicated Play/Pause button would please anyone who wants to jump directly into the music library.

One pet peeve noticed here though. The music library does not list songs whose titles exceed a certain number of characters. This meant that almost 90 percent of my music wasn’t displayed on the playlist even though I could see them on the memory card.

The E-1500 also has an inbuilt FM band radio, which works in tandem with the earpiece (doubles as an antenna) and can also be played via speaker.

Software and Applications, Connectivity and Storage>>>

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