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APP-Y NEW YEAR – Android Edition


APP-Y NEW YEAR – Android Edition

Gift giving season is finally here. If you’re one of the lucky people that got an Android device, well have we got something for you guys. Below you would find my 10 Favorite apps to grace the Play Store this year so you can have that device filled with the best apps that you can find on the market once you’re done stuffing your faces with all the holiday food. This isn’t a very extensive list and you guys may have some apps you feel should have made the list that didn’t. In that case, just leave a comment and include your apps in there and we can all see what u guys have installed on your devices. Happy Holidays, and hope you enjoy that new device.


gmGoogle Play Music

The once buggy and somewhat experimental app has become a staple to a lot of android users due to its impressive UI and overall simplicity. Also doesn’t hurt to have a 20000 song capacity storage space in the cloud. And the recent addition of being able to match your already present local music on the cloud without having to upload anything just makes it more appealing




tlTweet Lanes

There are a myriad of Twitter apps on the market, but none of them match Tweet Lanes in terms of design, speed and usability. Some would say there are other apps on the market for “Power Users” and they would be right, but for the casual user like me, it is one of the best twitter apps I have ever used on any platform. Only downside to this app it doesn’t currently support push notifications, but I hear it is in the works and due to be included soon.





One of the best ways to read news in any category you are interested in. Flipboard is one of the better looking Android apps with its really simple and fluid design. Requiring only a few minutes to customize to your liking and with the ability to add your Twitter, Facebook and Instagram feed it could easily become the first app you use every day.





chromeGoogle Chrome

Arguably the best desktop browser available, Google chrome has quickly become one of the best browsers to use on any smartphone with the ability to sync your bookmarks and tabs across all chrome sessions once signed into your Google account. Please note, it is only available for Android 4.0 above.







A clean design, the ability to share to it from any web page, a desktop app, and being able to automatically update your articles in the background. All these things makes Pocket the best “Offline Reading” application on the android market.






cnCatch Notes

By far the best note taking app I’ve encountered on the android market, catch notes is a free app with the ability to make in app purchases that give it extended functionality. Catch notes allows you to take notes in a variety of ways including; videos, audio, and by traditional text. You also get the ability to share your notes for collaboration with friends and to sync your notes across all platforms. All for the price of free.




xboxxXbox Smart Glass

If you have an Xbox, the smart glass application offers a very peculiar glimpse into the future of gaming consoles and the importance of a secondary screen. It’s a very brilliant effort by the guys at Redmond and one that I’m sure all the other console makers would emulate soon enough.






Like Twitter apps, there is an abundance of weather apps in the android market, what makes 1Weather stand out is its UI and simplicity. All the information you need is available at a glance on the first page and you can pan left or right to see more information.






Another one the very good looking android applications, Press is a Google Reader app whose main functionality is based on simplicity. It downloads all your feeds according to how they are arranged in Google reader. It also has offline support for reading feeds when you’re without a working network connection. Of course it does have some downsides such as its inability to directly add feeds from within the app, but it’s a small price to pay for such a beautifully created application.



nova3N.O.V.A. 3

One of the best games to ever grace the play store. N.O.V.A 3 is a first person shooter game that’s shares a striking similarity to H.A.L.O., with a very fluid gameplay and stellar graphics it might be one of the best games you would be playing on your new device if you enjoy playing FPS games.



The once extremely popular iOS app finally made its way to the play store this year and it surely takes photo editing many steps above what instagram has to offer. And ever since being acquired by Google, you now have native Google+ integration and possible OS level integration is probably not far off.





Notable Mentions

The following apps are in this category because they aren’t necessarily the best apps, but because they made a significance to the android ecosystem during the course of this year.

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