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App-y New Year — BlackBerry and PlayBook Edition


App-y New Year — BlackBerry and PlayBook Edition

It’s less than an hour to the new year and from a mobile perspective, what better way to start the year than look back at the apps that made the year rock? In the same vein, hook you up with great apps to start the new year with. Here are the BlackBerry smartphone and Playbook apps that were my daily drivers this year. If you look around the home screen of the blog, you will see a similar post for other platforms.

(Note: Unless where indicated on the post, the Name of the app is a download link to it also.)

Enjoy! Happy New Year!!!!



Advance Os and LED


Advance Os and LED

If you like customizing stuff and taking full control of the way things work and you have a BlackBerry device, Advance Os and LED is a must have, the app is 20+ apps in one lets you customize almost everything on your Blackberry to the finest detail. You can setup LED notification colors, frequency, etc, for any app, contact (you can even set different shades for one contact’s different apps e.g different shades for a Contacts BBM, Email, SMS etc), you can set up pop-up notifications…in short you can setup custom LED, visual and audio notifications for any app, any way you can think of, you can create launch shortcuts for apps and phone states, Add advance call functions, customize the the behavior of your wall paper…I could go on and on. The free version limits the amount of contacts you can customize to 12 (which is plenty if you ask me) while the pro version gives you unlimited contact customizations.



BlackBerry Bridge:



This is one of my favorites BlackBerry Apps of all times. If you have a Playbook it’s a must have. The app let’s you connect your BlackBerry BlackBerry BridgePlaybook to your phone via bluetooth to basically make them one device. Your Playbook gains access to your BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) data letting you connect to the internet at no extra cost, You also get access to your BBM, SMS, contacts, memo pad, tasks and calendar, and your phone’s emails. That aside, you also get the ability to control your tablet from your phone using your screen (for touch screen enabled devices) or trackpad as a mouse and your keyboard.

Don’t have a PlayBook? You can still connect the BlackBerry Bridge app to almost any android tablet, Playstation 3, an Xbox, a computer, or any device which supports bluetooth mouse and keyboards.




Photo Editor Pro:


Single handedly one of the best Photo editing app I’ve used on any phone from a features perspective. It’s simply packed with loads of editing options. Photo Editor UltimateThe only minor issue I have with it is that it won’t let me draw or make selections with the touch screen on my 9900. You have to use the trackpad for those (haven’t tried this on an all touch device. Other than that, the app is an absolute must have for BlackBerry users that love to edit photos. In fact many photos posted on this blog were edited on it.

TuneIn Radio:Tunein

Tunein radio is about the best radio service you will find on any platform–both desktop and mobile– and the BlackBerry app is no slacker. The app let’s you listen to radio stations from around the world (Nigeria inclusive) and also let’s you search for songs while it scans for stations playing that. You can search for stations by name, check available stations by looking at the country list or just find what stations are close to you by using the location option. The app comes in two flavors, free which gives you access to 50,000+ radio stations and 1.2 million on demand stream services and a pro version which gives you same plus the ability to record what you are hearing onto your memory card.


Rock File Manager:Rock File Manager

If you often are away from a computer and have to deal with a lot of mails like I do, you will need this. Rock File manager is a simple file manager that let’s you access files and folders much like you will on a computer, but that’s not why I use it though. It does come with built in support for .zip and .rar compression formats so even when I’m away from a pc it’s easy to manage compressed email attachments or other downloads or compress files on the device. For advanced users, it would also let you install app in .cod format from your phones memory card.


Evernote is a cross platform app that let’s you basically remember stuff across platforms. You can take notes, pictures, or voice notes and sync them with your evernote account for access from anywhere be it other mobile platforms, desktop or web. The app is free and you can get it from here.

BlackBerry News:Blackberry News

BlackBerry News is RIM’s in-house house built RSS reader with support for Google reader. It also let’s you share what you have read across BBM, Facebook, Twitter, Email, SMS etc in 2 clicks. Best of all it let’s you share to social feeds which basically shares to all your signed in accounts. So with one share, you can share content across all your social networks. Unlike social feeds (which also does RSS but without google reader). It gives you more options but does not come pre installed and isn’t available on App World to BlackBerry users in many countries Nigeria inclusive. We have got it though thanks to rroyy and you can get it free here. Os 5, Os 6, Os 7, Os 7.1.

Logic Mail:

Everyone knows BlackBerry devices coupled with BIS or BES are the undisputed champions of mobile email, right out of the box, but what if you want an alternative? Especially when you do not have an active BIS or BES subscription? The answer to that is Logic Mail. Logic Mail is a standalone E-Mail client designed to run on BlackBerry handheld devices, providing full support for IMAP, POP, and SMTP over the device’s Internet connection (wap and wifi inclusive). It also offers an experience closer to what is obtainable on a desktop email client.Logic Mail



image cred: engadget

image cred: engadget

Let me give you a bit of history first. The Pacemaker is a Pocket Size full DJ System. invented by Jonas Norberg and first unveiled in 2008. So basically, all of a dj’s equipment–speakers, amplifiers, EQs, Turntables decks etc. In a pocket-size package.
Enter the PlayBook app…which is all of that…in an app. The app takes advantage of QNX’s real-time multi-threaded OS approach to bring all that function into an app. Download Lite version  Pro version  or 2 week Demo.

Watch this demo to see how awesome it is:


Blaq’s the undisputed king of twitter apps on the Playbook in my opinion and one of the best experiences anywhere. Both design and functionality are top notch. All the features you would expect from a modern twitter client are here– multi-account support, Landscape and portrait modes, Lists, Search, in-app embedded photos (yes, even instagram), videos and Blaq for playbookweb pages (you can view those annoying tmi and tweetlonger links along with others full screen if you want, without leaving the app…and there’s more. Support for custom URL shortners, Klout integration (so see how influential a person is online), A real-time mode, Muting which lets you mute a user, hashtag or even twitter client so for example, you can mute everyone using say Ubersocial, etc. And the coolest part? It displays floating tweet cards which can be tossed off the screen…Minority report style…when you select a tweet or a profile.


Al Jazeera English:IMG_00000034

Popular tv news station Al-Jazeera has a native app on the Playbook. From a design and functionality perspective, it is one of the best ones on the platform. You get news, feature stories, reports, etc all arranged according to front page news and continents. Complete with inbuilt read-it-later functionality if you want to cache a story, direct sharing to Facebook and Twitter, customizable weather and best of all, if you get tired of reading, you can livestream the Tv station in-app and watch the channel real-time.


Files and Folders:files and folders 2


Files and Folders

Files and Folders is your file management app on steriods. It brings all your files both locally on the Playbook and in the cloud into one place where you can manage them all. It supports dropbox,, Google drive, Google docs, SugarSync, Skydrive and even the files on your phone over bridge. You can copy and paste stuff, move etc across cloud and local storage without hassle, stream music and videos from your cloud storage, etc.






Taptu provides a one-stop shop for all your information needs. Add all your favourite websites and essential social media networks to the app and you’ll get instant access to all the information that interests you. Your curated info stream will be presented in a visually appealing and organized fashion. This free Playbook app is loaded with features, you can: share your news to social media outlets, bookmark articles for later viewing, important your RSS feeds, customize the space and your news streams, include social media accounts and post status updates/tweets/comments. This is one of the best news aggregators for the BlackBerry PlayBook.


ReadOn Touch Pro


ReadOn Touch Pro is a Pocket client which lets you save articles so you can read them later, even when you are offline. Additionally, your saved articles are presented without all the distractions of the internet such as pop-ups, ads and more attention-grabbing links so that you get what you need: the content. Also, sharing content is a on touch pro

Notable mentions:

Here are a few other great apps and games (I skipped games completely) you should checkout that I skipped so as not to make the post too long.

BBM Voice: BlackBerry Messenger 7 the latest update comes with a new killer feature–BBM to BBM voice calls. More about that here.

Add to Reading list: Is a micro pocket client for your BlackBerry smartphone. It installs to your browser options and lets you save links and pages to your pocket account so you can read it later.

Shadowgun: Awesome First person shooter

Tomb Raider: Lara Craft and the Guardian of light: Adventure, actions, puzzles. Brilliant game.

Jetpack Joyride:Classic runner platform game with a twist. Very addictive.

Tomb Escape: You like Temple run and want to play it on your BlackBerry? This is the closest you will get right now…and its pretty darn close.

...half genius, half unserious.

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