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App-y New Year – Windows 8 Edition


App-y New Year – Windows 8 Edition

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Windows users who are familiar with the “Metro” phrase are very familiar with this breakout twitter client on windows 7. The developers of Metrotwit have also made a Windows 8 friendly version. Like any other twitter client, MetroTwit meets the most basic needs of the average twitter user in yet another great representation of the Microsoft windows 8 “Formerlly known as metro” ideology. MetroTwit adapts to all three windows 8 orientation scenarios. Holding your device in landscape mode? You are visited with a three column layout. Flip it to portrait? You get two columns. Snap the app and you get a one column list of your pinned categories. These pinned categories can be pretty much anything in the twitter universe; add profiles/lists/hashtags to the home page. Pin an option permanently to the right furthermost column and you are good to go. The stalker types would want to know that this doesn’t allow you read someone else’s mentions.


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One Note

onenoteOne note to many is the ultimate note taking app. Available only on Windows PC, Windows Phone, iOS, Android, Symbian, the web and now Windows 8/RT, one note is a robust note taking solutions with stellar support with other Microsoft services. One note possesses a similar 3 column interface with next gen reader. Offers numerous editing options (thanks to its tie in to the Microsoft Office suite) and is a nifty first party app. Create notebooks, sections, pages, and even subpages. Organize your life. One note also has stellar pen input support, a feature that was shown in detail by Steve Ballmer recently at the Microsoft BUILD conference.

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Screenshot (23)Skype for Windows 8/RT, Xbox SmartGlass>>>

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