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Amazing how much can change in a year, just a few months back, I was one of the Android fan boys that were threatening to burn Apple products at the stake. Now an MacBook, IPad and IPhone 4S later, I’m writing a post about my top Apple apps of the year. Still a massive fan of the Android ecosystem but there’s something about the Apple design philosophy that gives it a classier and more elegant edge over its competitors. And of course, it’s a plus that IOs gets all the best apps first and exclusively. So without a moments delay, here are my fave IOS apps for the year.



Does everything your default twitter client does, and then some. Clean and fast interface and the feature set doesn’t get too confusing. Swipe a tweet to the right to see the conversation thread or swipe to the left to be taken to the tweet proper to favorite it, reply, copy tweet and even translate the tweet. The last 2 icons at the bottom are also customizable so you can switch them around. Best twitter client on any platform, period.




240846If you have already read my Reddit review (shameless plug), you already may be running a Reddit client so that you can read your Reddit feeds on the go. Alien Blue is an awesome one that has a clean and simple interface. So cool in fact that I didn’t mind dishing out the extra $1.99 to unlock the pro features, such as adding another Reddit account amongst other things.


Where would an end of year post be without welcoming back the triumphant Google Maps back to the IOs platform?367916-google-maps There were rumors that Apple heads were seething at the return of Google Maps, but if their IOS 6 maps didn’t suck so much, then people wouldn’t miss the obviously superior effort. I don’t usually go to Abuja so its natural that I wouldn’t be able to get around much. Google Maps saved me from being indoors all day, stewing in my own boredom. Turn by turn navigation and it even gets names of the streets right, which is pretty amazing for this side of the world. The Google Maps devs even admitted that it was better than the Android version.


letterpressgame-300x450Brought to you by atebits, creator of Tweetie (that became the default IOS twitter app after it was bought by Twitter), Letterpress is essentially a Word search or should I say word creation game where you are pitted against your Game Center friends or random players around the world. Simple enough, but that’s the appeal of the game. No unnecessary frills, just hop in and play.  Still haven’t won a game yet but my day will come. What’s great about this is that it’s free.




Evernote FoodA note taking app… for food! Foodies of the world rejoice! With this you can discover new restaurants with beautiful maps around the world, take notes of new meals, keep all your treasured recipes in a note and explore new recipes from pros like Martha Stewart, popular web-sites and so on, and put them all in handy notes for viewing them later. Maybe this is more for the organized foodies.




Total nerdgasm! Square-Enix’s Final Fantasy IV makes it to IPhone or IPad, much rejoicing made. Fans of the classic series will remember this release from the Nintendo DS that was a 3D remake of the classic from the Super Nintendo days. While that was the Hard Version, this version allows you to choose your difficulty setting. Turn based RPG gaming at its finest. Relive your youth, my Nerd Collective! Pretty expensive ($19.99) but can you put a price on nostalgia? I think not.







Much talk has been made about Reeder being the best RSS feed reader on IOS but I changed my tune when I finally used Mr Reader. Mr Reader looks like a cousin of the Pringles man, and maybe the Monopoly man too but this gentleman isn’t silly when it comes to packing features into this app. It allows you to view your RSS feeds in the original web view, and in addition, Readability, Pocket and Instapaper so that you can view the rest of the feed on those pesky ones that make you click a read more link. Sharing to your Instapaper or Pocket or Readability app is but a tap away and it allows you to share with a plethora of services also.



What can be said about this messenger that hasn’t been said before. This app has topped App Store charts since forever and it stands neck to neck with its closest competitor, the BBM Messenger from RIM. What’s cooler is that it’s cross-platform so you can chat with friends using different phones on different platforms.



My Pocket review on the site to see how much I love it (Another shameless plug).pocket-iphone-app







Why carry around a heavy laptop when all you need is your IPad or Iphone? This will definitely score you cool points with the ladies and cool pundits. Or its just really cool when you are channeling Calvin Harris in the comfort of your own room or trying to DJ a house party. You’ll probably need to get a dual headphone and 3.5mm jack though but I’m pretty sure those are readily available.


Happy new year y’all, here’s hoping 2013 brings more super apps to the platform and lets cross our fingers that IOS7 brings with it much awaited changes. May the countdown begin!!!

Writer with TechSuplex. Dream Merchant (We sell you dreams). Work in Progress. Twitter: @itsAydee

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