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How to transfer your data from your old phone to a Samsung Galaxy S4


How to transfer your data from your old phone to a Samsung Galaxy S4

There are a bunch of ways to transfer stuff from your old device to a new Samsung Galaxy S4, but I’ll focus on one method which I consider the easiest–Samsung’s Smart Switch.

Samsung Smart switch is a tiny program, that simplifies the process of transferring your data from almost any device to the Samsung Galaxy S4. It comes as both desktop app which supports multiple platforms and devices and a mobile app which only transfers data from older Samsung Galaxy models.

The data that can be transferred includes contacts, calendar, memos, messages, call logs, pictures, videos and in some cases even wallpapers, alarms, and bookmarks.

The desktop version supports the following devices:

  • Samsung: Data backed up using Kies 2.5.3 or higher
  • Apple: iOS 4.2.1 or later
  • Blackberry: Blackberry OS 6.0 or later
  • Nokia: Series 40 or Symbian 6.0 or later
  • LG: Android Gingerbread or later

To transfer using the desktop version, simply download the program from here (it’s just 6mb). unzip it, and run the .exe file (It is an executable file so you don’t need to install it), back up your old device, connect your S4, and your data is automatically transferred to the S4. Further more, if you install the mobile app before you do the transfer, it would scan your backup to see what apps you had installed, and recommend the same or alternatives on android to you.smart_switch_kv

For now, the mobile version of the app can only transfer data between Galaxy devices with the Near Field Communication feature. To transfer your data via the mobile Smart switch app, run the app on the S4, ensure that NFC is running and tap it on the older galaxy. A connection would be established and data transferred.

That easy. You can download the mobile app via Samsung Apps or Google Play.

...half genius, half unserious.

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