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Here’s the Porsche designed BlackBerry Z10


Here’s the Porsche designed BlackBerry Z10

Remember the Porsche designed, limited edition BlackBerry P’9981? Chances you do, If you have seen one before, the image is not one that would leave your mind in a bit. I had personal issues with the Keyboard design and the OS on it (It didn’t get updated as regularly as the 9900 did), but I always thought it was eye candy. who have an amazing track record of having access to these devices way before anyone else, have gotten their hands on a Porshe designed BlackBerry Z10. As seen from the photos below, the device rumoured to be released as the BlackBerry P9982, inherits design elements from the P’9981 as well as a new, leather back. It is said to have a different UI as well.

I’ll totally trade my Z10 for this if I had the option to, I think it’d pretty. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

DSC03338 DSC03322 DSC03313 DSC03317 DSC03318 DSC03335

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