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Travelling for the Holiday? What’s in your bag?


Travelling for the Holiday? What’s in your bag?

No I’m not trying to jack you for your stuff. (Speaking of which, you should be careful around this period with your belongings, crime rates usually go up at this time of the year.

It’s holiday season and millions would be travelling around to different places for the break, via road or air and even water, so what gadgets are you packing to get you through your trip? I haven’t had a “Christmas break” since my university days (the unscheduled one last year when the office was shut down for security reasons during that period doesn’t count), so I’m a bit excited about this one.

Whether you’ll be sitting in a car for long periods, or waiting at the airport or in a flight or even on the sea (or river) somewhere, what tech are you packing to see you through your journeys? Here is what I’ll be packing:

  • Four Sims: I need to have data and be reachable at almost all times. In Nigeria, that usually means carrying all the four major network sims on you because you never know what works well where.
  • My smartphones: You have to put your sims somewhere…no?
  • A tablet: I usually wouldn’t, but when there are road trips involved and the possibility of long waits at the airport, it’s always nice to have something you can watch or read read stuff and do some internet browsing from that doesn’t impact on the battery life of your smartphones much. I tend to favour small tabs that can fit into the pocket, so it’ll be a BlackBerry Playbook for me. If I had an e-reader like the kindle, I could see myself taking that instead…depending on my mood.
  • My computer: As much as it’s a holiday, sometimes work may come up that you would need to do on the go, and while you can get away with doing most of these things on your mobile device these days, computers are still a lot faster, so it’s a choice between less luggage and struggling with a smaller screen or a bit more luggage and a full productivity solution. The latter wins for me. I’d rather whip the computer out and finish stuff in 20 minutes, than spend an hour of precious down time on a smaller screen pinching and zooming about.
  • Chargers: Easy to forget, but these things need to be juiced up!
  • A camera and some lenses: what’s the point of a holiday without pictures right? Most top tier smartphones would do justice to the average picture needs these days, but if your needs go beyond twitter, Facebook and Instagram, you will want to be packing a decent shooter.
  • My Inverter: Okay, I kid, but the thought crossed my mind for a fraction of a second. 😀

So are you travelling for the holidays? What’s in your bag? And even if you are staying home with the family or by yourself through it, what tech is getting you through the holiday?

...half genius, half unserious.

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