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How to Schedule Torrents on Android.


How to Schedule Torrents on Android.

Editor’s Note: We have covered tasker before, and this is just one use case scenario. And we hope the author was downloading legal stuff off torents.

I did it! I found a way to schedule torrents on Android!

Now if you’re an Apple user, you may stop reading now. Well, yes unless you want to be torn to pieces by jealousy.

I stumbled on the Etisalat happy hour promo the other day. For 100 naira extra, they offer you the value of whatever data bundle you subscribe for as a bonus usable only between 1 am and 5 am. Slight catch, it only lasts for a week, and you no longer are entitled to the bonus one third data for every data plan you buy. You can’t eat your cake and have it I presume.

My calculation is that if I buy the 6 gig plan for 8k, I get 6 gig extra for the night time if I pay the extra 100 naira. 12 gig for 8,100 naira. Not bad, ey?

But wait. Does this mean I have to wake up every night to commence my downloads? What about the sanctity of sleep? What about work tomorrow? What about the Sunday sermon I was supposed to listen to? What about my swag? I know real vampires come alive in the night time but not for stuff as mundane as the latest Show or manga episodes.

Enter Tasker and uTorrent. uTorrent you probably already know for managing your torrent downloads. You probably also noticed you can set it to download only when there’s a WiFi connection. If you could set your phone Wi-Fi to come on at a particular time,  the torrents would resume automatically and by morning your downloads would be complete!

That’s where Tasker comes in. Tasker is an app that tells your phone to do pretty much anything if you know how. Some crazy people set a number lock on their phone if the wrong pattern is entered on the lock screen, taking a photo of your face in the process (Trust me, if the original owner of the phone set his pictures to back up to Google/Dropbox periodically he might see your face and come after you). You can use Tasker to disable security on your phone whenever your phone connects to your car Bluetooth or home Wi-Fi (save you the trouble of unlocking your phone in your own house every twenty seconds, unless you’re also hiding something from your wife. Oh!). And you can use Tasker to switch on your WiFi at a particular time, and switch it off again when the time is up.

Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Of course! Leave my home Wi-Fi on all night, use Tasker to switch on my phone Wi-Fi at 1 am, keep uTorrent running in the background so it resumes downloads once the phone automatically connects to Wi-Fi. Downloads sorted. Boom! Or, wait.

There’s hardly anyone in Nigeria with home Wi-Fi these days. It’s not yet very popular. What’s more common is folks using one phone as a hotspot for the other devices. Leaving your hotspot on all night on your phone could drain the battery and interrupt your downloads. Besides, if the hotspot were on beyond the time limit of happy hour, we would eat into our precious daytime data! My preciooouuus!!! Does this signal the end of the road for our solution? Can we find one more suited to our clime?

Yes we can! The difference is you set Tasker on your hotspot (master) phone to switch on the hotspot between 1 am and 5 am. The other phone or tablet or computer has your uTorrent at the ready with the wireless switched on waiting to receive the hotspot signal at the appointed time. Clock ticks, hotspot comes alive, downloading device connects, uTorrent running in the background resumes your downloads for the period the hotspot is active.

Problem solved.

The walkthrough for this second solution is presented in the following simple steps with illustrations. Enjoy.

1) On your downloading phone (slave phone) install the uTorrent app, open settings and check the Wi-Fi only downloads box. Make sure your wireless is turned on (not the hotspot, just the general wireless)Picture 1

2) On your master phone, install Tasker and launch it.

3) First you need to add a profile with the + sign. Select Time to base this event on the phone clock.

Picture 3

4) Choose a suitable time frame you want your hotspot to be on for. I chose 1:10 to 4:50 am.

5) Add a task next using the + sign. Name the task descriptively or deceptively, whichever rocks your boat or helps you sleep at night. Select Net from the pop up menu. Then Wi-Fi tether from the next option. Then set it to On.

Picture 5a Picture 5b Picture 5c

6) Activate Tasker by long pressing the Tasker icon on the top left corner or selecting Enable Tasker from the pop up when the menu button is pressed. You see, if you do not enable Tasker it won’t carry out your orders.

7) Go to bed.

Life is simple unless you're not. Blog: Twitter: @HL_Blue

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