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How to download Torrents on your iPhone, iPod or iPad


How to download Torrents on your iPhone, iPod or iPad

The other day when, Efe wrote about using Tasker to schedule torrents on android, he took a swipe at iPhone users. Well, today is your day to get back if you are an iPhone user.

iTransmission 4 is a fully functional, native, iOS bit torrent client that would let you download and manage your torrents on the go from your iDevice. The app is not exactly new, but it just got an update that makes it the only torrent app compatible with iOS 7 right now.

While iTransmission 4 is not exactly on par with utorrent on android, it features a bunch of useful configuration options and settings, that offers the user a great deal of control over his/her torrents. The app was also built with the iPhone 5s and iPad Air’s 64-bit architecture in mind, so running works pretty smoothly on them.

There is one catch though, the app isn’t available on Apple’s app store (obviously), so only jail broken devices would be able to snag it off the Big Boss repo on Cydia. If your device isn’t jaibroken yet, and you would want to break through Apple’s “shackles”, Evasi0n is what you need.

Source: Redmond Pie

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