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How to email PDFs, documents as attachments on Windows Phone


How to email PDFs, documents as attachments on Windows Phone

Most people that jump on to the Windows Phone train from Android or Symbian have been plagued with this issue. In general, attaching documents on Windows Phones is pretty much impossible via the obvious approach of opening the mail app and hitting the attach “paper clip icon”.  You are usually sent to the Picture Hub with no access to any of your documents. Until Microsoft launches the much anticipated Windows Phone 8.1 update with native file management, we bring you this temporary fix showing you how to email Pdf’s & other documents as attachments


In order to attach documents to an email, you need to be in the Office Hub pictured below. All documents that appear in the office hub can be attached to an email via a long press of the document. This reveals the “share…” option that shows you a list of outlets to share via and upon selecting your desired email account, your document should attach easily and you can email away. Unfortunately, this seems to only work for one document per email. I have been unable to find a way to attach multiple docs into an email.


1. My example below shows my standard office hub with a long press on the Word Document “1520 Review” revealing the Share option.


2. Click Share and Select your preferred email account


3. Select recipient of email and send (Notice the file displays as an attachment like any photo or video would)



Now this gets interesting because PDF’s do not natively open in your Office Hub but like it was noted previously, you need to have that document show up in your Office Hub to be able to share it as an attachment. The trick here is to use OneDrive (formerly known as Skydrive). All documents that are opened via OneDrive are automatically shown as a recent document within your office hub. The office hub also has a connection to OneDrive in the “Places” section which can be reached with a swipe.

Once you are within your OneDrive folder, locate the document and open it. Although it opens your default PDF reader app, it shows the PDF as a recent document which can now be easily shared like above.


Access OneDrive within the Office Hub “Places” view.


Open Skydrive and locate desired PDF you want to share. Click PDF and allow to download and open.


Close PDF and navigate back to Office Hub. PDF should be your most recent document (in my case, “ss-5”). Perform steps 1 – 3 above


What about if you downloaded the PDF from some website? how do you get it into Onedrive? This is possible through the Microsoft Reader app. Reader allows you to share documents to OneDrive. The reader app can be downloaded HERE. Chances are many people already default to Adobe Reader but that app unfortunately doesn’t share to Skydrive and is therefore useless for this task.

Do let us know in the comments if this has worked for you.

Featured Image Credit: DeviantArt

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