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Mobicure launches Omomi android app to help mothers track children’s health


Mobicure launches Omomi android app to help mothers track children’s health

Mobicure an mHealth (Mobile health) company based in Nigeria, is today launching a new app “Omomi” (Yoruba for “my child”) to help nursing mothers track and plan for the health of their children.

The Omomi app, which is only available for android right now provides a simple platform through which mothers can easily monitor their children’s growth and nutritional status, be reminded of routine immunization visits, serve as a repository of very vital health information, as well as help them handle some common childhood ailments. The app also gives useful tips to on breastfeeding and family planning.

The app also has links to the mobicure Facebook page where mothers can meet up and share their child raising experiences with each other.

I’ve had a beta version of the app for a few days to play with (no I’m not a nursing mother) and while the overall user experience is a bit clunky and not exactly aesthetic, the functionality of it is pretty decent. I can totally see the need especially for first time mothers in rural areas as a quick reference app for what to do in certain scenarios; especially as most of the information carried on the app are available offline.

Mobicure claims Omomi is the first app worldwide that focuses on fulfilling all of  the WHO Childhood Survival Strategies which are:

Growth monitoring, Oral Rehydration therapy, Breastfeeding, Immunization, Female education, Family planning, Food supplementation. These strategies were developed to help reduce child mortality and promote maternal health.

On the app itself, the following services are available (on the beta version I’ve got, the last 3 are marked “coming soon”)omomi (2)omomi (3) omomi (1)

1.  Immunization tracker

2.  Growth monitoring (infants)

3.  Growth monitoring (under-fives)

4.  Oral Rehydration therapy,

5.  Breastfeeding

6.  Mothers Community

7.  Female education

8.  Family planning

9.  Food supplementation

The app is interactive, for example in for Oral rehydration, the app runs you through a series of tests to help you determine how dehydrated your child is and what your next course of action should be.

Like I mentioned earlier, the look, texture and user experience would need some more work, but that aside, the functionality and information on the app maybe key to battling the ridiculously high child mortality rates in these parts.

The app launches today and we will update the post with download links for those who want to give it a spin.

...half genius, half unserious.

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