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A Technology rant about everything


A Technology rant about everything

Disclaimer: This rant was written in one seating. It had no beginning or an intended end.  It was not revised with new information added except basic sentence and punctuation editing. It is as pure as it possibly can be.  (OK I lied, this disclaimer was written at the end but moved to the beginning. And those images were eventually added. Sue me!)

suplexI do not intend to have a coherent post. Do not be surprised if after reading this, it makes absolutely no sense. I started writing this post with nothing in mind. Then again, is it really possible to have no plan per say? For all I know my brain might be ahead of me. This might be a totally disjointed juxtaposition of nothingness or it might come together to being your best read this week. I am not at all optimistic that the latter will be the case. Nonetheless, this is my technology rant about everything.


The technology industry is a very interesting community to follow. I for one have a keen interest in companies that emphasize consumer tech like mobile devices, software and the like and I am fond of using my understanding of the technology industry to better understand society itself. Individual buying behavior; how individuals react to a new iPhone; how they defend Android as the ultimate OS and swear their android devices never lags is no different from some Christian or Muslim swearing by their own religion as the best or right thing.

Where am I going with this? I really do not know. I like politics and social media and better yet, I like that politicians are embracing social media as an effective means of reaching out to their constituents at lightening speed. Can social media be as influential in charting the course of Nigeria’s elections in 2015? Absolutely.


One can argue that when it comes to politics and social media in Nigeria, there are about X types of people. X being whatever I write after this. I had the opportunity of handling social media activities for Oluwarotimi Akeredolu (SAN), the ACN gubernatorial candidate at the recently concluded Ondo State elections so I think my X should be sacrosanct (see my rant about Android and religion above).

There are those people out there that think everything on the internet is THE NEWS. There are those that only come online to spread FUD (Fear, uncertainty and doubt) and false news because they know there are numerous gullible – many of whom are innocent and just don’t know- people out there. There are those that use social media as their starting point to the news.

Say “GEJ is gay” starts to trend on twitter; they seek respected and trusted twitter handles for confirmation. If that doesn’t work, they move over to a search engine and scour the web for information from a trusted news source.There are those that fall for the sensationalized click bait news item. So far x=4. I’ll fix that; x = 4 + y where y accounts for all the new types of people that show up on the internet.


Where am I going with this yet again? I really do not know. I have been off twitter for about two weeks now. Why? Over the past 2.5 years or so, I ensure at least a month or two is dedicated to a twitter fast. I should just make it official and tag it as 40 days and 40 nights. Why? Well, twitter and social media as a whole is pretty interesting in the way it affects us all psychologically.

It is not news that we are only beginning to understand how social media affects us. Today, it is someone getting killed for a tweet (I almost got stabbed once cause someone thought I was subbing her and I wasn’t. That’s not a techsuplex story). People grow to hate others just from tweets. People worship people from twitter and yet they have never met. People have fallen in love with people just because of 140 characters.

How do you explain the fact that nonphysical interactions can result in such generally physically induced reactions?news

There is so much to this social media thing which baffles one that I usually feel the need to step out and think about it and not get lost in it. There is also the issue of addiction. You get so lost in twitter that it becomes a part of your daily routine negatively. The moment I see twitter significantly sway from being a tool to being a “necessity” to function, I pull out the brakes.

As I wrap this thing up, I think I know where I am going with this. Maybe you can make sense of this. So far I have brought up psyche, society, politics and religion and tied them with technology. It was a rant and yes I guess you can call it my technology rant about everything. I just might expand on each aspect some other time but until then.


Good luck reading this.

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