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And the Network that sends the most unsolicited SMS is…


And the Network that sends the most unsolicited SMS is…

* Drumroll*

I really can’t remember where exactly I got the idea to check this from, probably twitter  but sometime in December last year, I made a note to put all the GSM network’s SIMs in different phones and leave them all on for about a month and see which of them recieved the most unsolicited SMSes from their respective networks. February was that month (The results shown here actually cover February 1st to March 10th). Before I share the results I should mention that texts from services I knowingly use (even in cases where I did not subscribe to any SMS service e.g Quickteller and Samsung) aren’t reflected in the results, scam messages aren’t included either for obvious reasons. All that is accounted for are the networks themselves and Value Added Services (VAS) that rely on these networks to offer there services.

Starting From the least received:


1 message from 38111

1 message from 38888

2 messages from 33324

1 message from 48900

1 message from 38051

2 messages (from a number I don’t have now because I wiped the phone at some point)

Total: 8


4 messages from 4321

5 messages from 555

4 messages from GLO

Total: 13

MTN Sim 1:

3 messages from 4100

1 message from 4017

13 messages from MTN N

5 messages from 5030

Total: 21

MTN (Sim 2)

1 message from 33555

2 messages from MTNN

2 messages from 38430

1 Message from MNS

2 messages from 3022

1 message from 32045

4 messages from MTN N (different from MTNN above)

3 messages from 20330

3 messages from 35020

1 message from 33550

Total: 20


31 messages from Airtel

25 messages from Airtel NG

1 message from HOTSONGS

1 message from Health tips

1 message from WinSamsung (Airtel hello tunes service)

1 message from Movie

1 message from Career Tips

Total: 61


The sample is obviously too small to declare that this is the norm, but I think the general trend wouldn’t be far off. The SMSes received from individuals should vary from person to person based on their age, location, religion, hobbies etc (Yes that SIM card registration wasn’t just for games) and also services subscribed to in the past. Volume may also be influenced by season (e.g you will expect a lot of Christmas texts around Christmas) and major events in the news.

An interesting thing to note is that the 2 MTN sims used in the test received SMSes from mostly different services, but still ended up getting almost the same number of messages in total. I wonder if there is a quota system.



Featured image: Message by Benni from The Noun Project

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