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At about 16,000 Naira, Nokia X tops one million preorders in China


At about 16,000 Naira, Nokia X tops one million preorders in China

Now count this as interesting yet too early to deduce a conclusion; Nokia announced today via its official Weibo account that its Nokia X has exceeded one million preorders in just four days. The watch word here is preorders. The device is yet to be released and isn’t scheduled to be out for another week and a half on March 25th. As we had pointed out before, the Nokia X has so far been announced in a few other key growth markets like India, Phillipines and Kenya but the general consensus has been that the device is a little overpriced for what it offers under the hood.

What do you get in the Nokia X? You get a 4 inch IPS LCD VGA display device sporting 512 MB of RAM, 4GB of internal storage which is also expandable via an SD card slot. This device, the first Android device from Nokia, runs a forked version of Android Jelly bean 4.1 where the company has replaced all Google services with those offered by Nokia and Microsoft. To entice customers, Microsoft is giving them 10GB of free cloud storage with OneDrive and one month of free calls to landlines and mobiles via Skype.

It would definitely seem like China still has a soft spot for the Nokia brand and the fact that Google services are all but absent on Android devices sold in china should not be underestimated as a big reason for such a response. Couple this with a preorder price of just 599 Yuan or about 16,000 naira. The device itself will retail normally for 699 yuan (N18,700).This lack of Google services should also give the Nokia X a fighting chance when it launches in Russia, a country similar to China that has very little Google presence. The Folks at Microsoft and Nokia must be pleased with this news. I do not remember the last time Nokia boasted about sales numbers.

This news also introduces a new twist to the price regime for this device. As we noted in a previous post, the device retails for around 23,000 – 24,000 in countries like Kenya, India and the Philippines. Until we get official word from Nokia Nigeria, it will be unclear if they might price it more aggressively like they have done in China. Nonetheless, we definitely can see an immediate price drop soon in these other countries to match the China prices. A sub 18,000 naira price point could be the sweet spot overall for the device to move volume. Your Move Nokia Nigeria.



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