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You can now check call durations on Windows Phone


You can now check call durations on Windows Phone

Windows Phone users were given a pretty nice gift on Monday, April 14th. Microsoft released the developer preview of its hotly anticipated Windows Phone 8.1 update. Although called a developer preview, any Windows Phone 8 user can grab the update. We provide the extremely simple process in another post. Outside of the numerous all in your face improvements like the Cortana digital assistant and the Notification center, Microsoft introduced numerous little improvements and bug fixes, one of which is call duration.

Windows Phone has had some way to see lifetime duration (##634#) or in some specific case from Windows Phone 7, an app called Counter provided by Nokia. I have been asked a lot about this feature on twitter which Windows Phone 8 lacked and it was very nice to see it available in Windows phone 8.1. What exactly do you need to do to access your call duration?

Within the phone dailer, long pressing the number or contact reveals a new contextual menu that includes “details”. Clicking on details specifies, including the call duration, the time and date the call was made.


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