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How to save and move apps to your SD card in Windows Phone 8.1


How to save and move apps to your SD card in Windows Phone 8.1

Windows Phone 8.1 introduces a bevy of new features that are bound to make the majority of present and future users extremely happy with the platform. We noted one hidden gem many of our readers will find helpful a few hours ago: ability to check call duration. Now, here is another cool and vital feature especially for devices with limited space: Windows Phone now lets you save pretty much everything on an SD card.

storage senseTo achieve this, Windows Phone introduces a new app called Storage Sense. Storage sense existed as “storage” within your settings but has been pulled out and given steroids. Upon launching storage sense, you are taken to the screen below which specifies your memory usage on both SD card and Phone memory. Right below are 4 options;

  • Store new music, videos, and podcasts
  • Story new photos
  • Store new apps
  • Store new downloads

Each of these types of data can either be stored on your SD card or your phone.




Tapping your phone memory information gives you a more detailed breakdown of what types of data are taking up the most space (Apps, videos, podcasts etc). Selecting “apps+games”  digs deeper and breaks down your space allocation by app size. Selecting a particular app presents a new view that gives you the option to either uninstall or move that app to your SD card.

Moving to an SD card does depend on how much space you have on your card and also the Class of that SD card. Only class 6 and up SD cards will allow you to move or install apps to SD. Other classes (4 and below) will not allow this feature. This might also prove useful for individuals who want to format their phones but don’t want to lose their current level on some game that doesn’t store information in the cloud. Yes, I had to do it for my angry birds go. I had almost finished it. No way I am starting all over again.

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