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How to get Google Play, Google Now and other Google Services on your Nokia X


How to get Google Play, Google Now and other Google Services on your Nokia X

Nokia would like to have you believe that the new Nokia X device isn’t android, but the truth is, semantics aside, it really is android, missing Google services. Which means, you do not get access to Google services like Google Play and Google Now (among other things), and depending on what your tastes are, that may be a bit hard to swallow. So what if you got the Nokia X but would like it to be more android than Nokia X? If you aren’t afraid to tinker (Remember you do so at your own risk), here is how to get Google Play, Google Now and other Google Services on your Nokia X:

First you need to Root…

Like all android phones, (not saying the Nokia X is one, just in case someone from Nokia is reading this) to dig into levels deeper than the manufacturer planned to give you access to, you need to get SuperUser rights by rooting the device, so here is how.

If you’re on the v10.0.3 OS update, it’s pretty straightforward:

  • Install Framaroot which you can download here,
  • Run it, and choose the Gandalf exploit to root your device.

If you’re running v11.1.1 Os, it is a longer process, but here:

  • Download the Nokia Composite ADB interface from here and install it on your PC. It should create two folders during the install: KingoRoot_NokiaX_Mod and Nokia X USB drivers.
  • Plug your Nokia X to your PC via USB cable, open the device manager and right click on the connected device. This gives you the option to update the Nokia’s drivers and allows you install the ADB drivers. The drivers would be found in the Nokia X USB drivers folder mentioned in the step above.
  • While your Nokia is still plugged, run KingRoot from the second folder, when it starts, it would give you the option to root device (or remove root if the device is already rooted in which case you wouldn’t be needing this part of the guide).
  • Click on Root and give it a few minutes to root and install SuperUser on your device.
  • Restart your phone when you get the prompt that “the connected device has been rooted”
  • The device will prompt you to allow SuperUser Access, select Grant.
  • Your device is now rooted.

Installing Google Services.

After rooting your device, the next step is to install Google Services on your device, here is how:

  • Download Root Explorer (or any similar app) to your device.
  • Download this specially modified version of the Google Apps package from here
  • Extract the downloaded package and use Root Explorer to copy and paste the apks you extracted to this directory /system/app
  • Next you need to change the permissions of the apks you just pasted in /system/app. Select all of them, go to the Permission options in the menu and change the permissions to what you see below.
  • Reboot your device.
  • Upon restart, you will find Google Play, hangouts and other Google app icons in your app drawer.

There you go. If you need help, ask in the comments.


Source: XDA

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