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Lagos under seige in latest Call of Duty – “Advanced warfare” trailer


Lagos under seige in latest Call of Duty – “Advanced warfare” trailer

Hardcore gamers are very familiar with the exotic locations Call of duty developers have used for their campaigns over the years. COD ghosts’ missions take place in the Middle east, World at war saw a lot of the action happen on the Makin islands of Kiribati and the list goes on and on.

It would seem their recent efforts have taken them to Africa’s largest city; Lagos. In their most recent trailer for ‘Advanced Warfare’ which features Kevin Spacey as the president of the United states, Lagos is shown as a city under siege. Although it isn’t immediately noticeable, the scene humorously (to Nigerians) shows an electronic billboard with the message “KEEP LAGOS CLEAN”. Also conspicuously present is the Nigerian flag but it does remain to be seen what the Nigerian Campaign will entail. If anyone is to make a guess, it would either involve militants or Boko Haram.

Until more information is made available, we sign off with the trailer below, the Lagos scene comes up at the :39 mark and also a man clearly in a traditional Nigerian outfit (hat and all) at :46

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