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Sony A6000 Quick Review: Awesome Camera in a Small Package


Sony A6000 Quick Review: Awesome Camera in a Small Package

The A6000 is like photography adulthood for me. I had the NEX 5N prior to this and I loved the camera. Its size, touchscreen and ease of use was everything an amatuer like me needed. I had the camera for 3 years and in that time, I had sharpened my understanding of photography so I decided I needed an upgrade.


I considered the A7, the idea of having a full frame in an NEX sized body was highly appealing to me, but that would have meant getting a new lens collection, though E-Mount lenses work on Sony’s full frame offerings, the end image is cropped. The cost was prohibitive for me, so I chose the A6000.


The A6000 is a good looking camera, though not retro handsome like Fuji’s X-TI, a camera that I am also coveting. The main reason I got the Sony is that it meant I could keep my E-Mount lens collection and I was pretty familiar with the menu and settings. The A6000 doesn’t have a touchscreen, a sore point for me since the NEX 5N has one and I am pretty used to tapping the screen to refocus. That proved to be a minor concern though, the autofocus on this camera is lighting quick, I was so impressed!

Sample Shots:


I took a trip to Turkey real quick, did way more walking than I ordinarily would just so I could get used to the dials. I really appreciated not having to dig into the menu for anything, this was a grown up camera experience! Oh, did I mention the viewfinder? This is the first camera I have ever owned with a ‘eye to the cup’ viewfinder and I loved the experience, I am unsure how it is I ever used a camera without it! The pop up flash is also a treat, I learnt where it was pretty quickly so I cop pop it up with my eye in the viewfinder. The camera also comes with a universal hotshoe, which in my opinion makes the camera a true ‘pro-sumer’ camera.


Because of my refusal to read a manual, I lost a couple of good shots, where I couldn’t find the settings that I wanted. This is entirely my fault though, the placement of the dials on the top of the camera and functional button make the camera a joy to use.


The camera came with a 16-50mm power zoom lens that I didn’t use much, together I paid £649, which is about the same price I paid for my NEX three years ago. The camera comes with NFC, I was able to transfer photos to my phone and do some quick post production work, though the sample photos here are all untouched. The NFC feature is really useful for sharing photos and stops you having to pull out your memory card for transfer.


I would give the camera a great 9/10, if it came with a touch screen, I’d see it as perfect but for what it is, this camera is a great little piece of kit.

Here are some more hands on photos of the device:

Tola Sarumi is an Anti Money Laundering Expert and a budding tech enthusiast. She likes art and gadgets | Twitter: @AfroVII

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