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MTN and Glo lose marketshare to Etisalat in latest industry stats


MTN and Glo lose marketshare to Etisalat in latest industry stats

NCC has again released subscriber data for the last quarter of 2013 through to the first quarter of 2014. A quick glance at the data shows that MTN and Glo both lost 1% of marketshare at the expense of Etisalat, while Airtel maintained its share from the last time the stats were reported (October 2013).

NCC subscriber data April 2014

According to the new stats, MTN now accounts for 46% of the GSM subscribers in Nigeria, Airtel accounts for 20%, Glo accounts for 19% and Etisalat accounts for the remaining 15%. The ban on sales of new sims by the NCC on all the networks but Etisalat due to quality reasons may be responsible for the trend.

The total number of active sims in Nigeria have jumped to 126,958,904 from 118,843,199 the last time it was reported.

Internet Subscriber Data January 2014

Looking at the Internet subscription data which was last updated with January’s data, MTN with 50.6% still controls the lion share of mobile internet subscriptions, though it has lost .04% in terms of internet subscribers marketshare The remaining 49% of the subscriptions are broken down as follows: Glo 22.9%, Airtel: 16.8% and Etisalat: 9.7%.

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