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Smartwatches are meh, but I’m getting the Moto 360


Smartwatches are meh, but I’m getting the Moto 360

Wearable devices or “wearables” for short have become a hot deal in the past few. They aren’t exactly a new thing, more than 10 years ago, Samsung made what you could call a smartwatch so regardless of marketing, wearables or smartwatches aren’t exactly a new concept.

I haven’t REALLY been feeling the few I have tried from the Sony Smart watch to the Pebble to Samsung’s Gear, Gear 2, Neo and Gear Fit (I like the Gear Fit by the way, just not enough to put a whole in my wallet for. I’ll wear one if I got it for free). Don’t get me wrong; smartwatches have their perks, especially when you consider stuff like fitness tracking, but for the most part I consider them more a result of a market trend occasioned by the saturation of the smartphone market rather than a necessity.


For example, notifications on the wrist are fine, but I like the feel of my phones in my hands (in fact, they are in my hands most of the time), and while the thought of being able to see who is calling from your wrist while driving is appealing, most new cars already offer that as a standard option already integrated into your dashboard. Using your watch as a key to unlock  your other devices, but what happens when the watch is stolen?


The more you think about it, the more you realize the smartwatches do not really offer so much as is right now. For the near future, they will continue to be more useful as conversation starters, than productive.


That said, I’m getting the Moto 360.


Why you ask? It’s pretty easy to figure out. Just examine Motorola’s take on android wear hardware for a few moments and the most compelling reason for it jumps at you: It is a darn good looking wristwatch! That simple.


It’s not trying to be a Dick Tracy fan’s collector’s item or some Star Trek memorabilia—it is just trying to be a better watch, and looks wise, it already looks a lot cooler than most of the watches I have—that’s a good enough reason to get it to be honest, especially if it’s priced right. Everything else the Moto 360 offers will be bonus for me.


A hefty bonus I might add: notifications, weather, voice activated search and calls, fitness tracking on a device you could wear with your blazer in a business meeting and not look like a dork.

Come summer when the device is finally available, except the pricing is ridiculous, I should be rocking one of those bad boys. Not because I think it’s the most specced out or useful smartwatch in the world (it just might be by the way), but because it is a watch first, a pretty nice one at that.



...half genius, half unserious.

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