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Disconnect: Re-falling in love with the Television


Disconnect: Re-falling in love with the Television

One of first Disconnect posts I wrote was about how I had fallen out of love with television as a whole, I never really found time to watch it, and when I did, whatever was on was boring. I had also gotten in the habit of watching stuff in bed just before I pass out, besides the more interesting things I wanted to watch were gotten off the internet and ended up in hard drives; so that meant I watched stuff primarily with my tablet or computer. Add that to the fact that the tablet’s display is a lot crisper than the television’s and it was a lot more portable, giving the television out when I was asked for it, was a know brainer. Television, both as a device and as a service had pretty much died for me.


I didn’t put that up that post eventually, can’t remember why, something more fun must have come up and taken me on another tangent. I am sort of happy I didn’t post it then though, because I would have been eating my words today.


I think I am falling back in love with the silver screen. No it’s not like I suddenly have a lot of time on my hands to play with, (in fact, I find it near impossible to sit and pay sole attention to anything showing on the television longer than 15 minutes, and even that is pretty hard) but I think the Tv has become a bit more useful to me.


With the current television setup, my hard drive with all the shows and movies stays connected permanently to the Tv, in addition to that, satellite Tv and a Playstation 4 are also connected to it as well.


I’m not much of a gamer, or a cable Tv person either, so the thing that gets the most use is the hard drive. It’s mighty convenient to sit in the living room and put on a show straight from the hard drive while typing away on the computer on my lap. Two birds one stone…beats having to pause what you are watching on the computer to check one thing or the other happening in a different window or having people huddle around your computer’s small display.


Then there is the matter of viewing stuff on a larger display. Theoretically speaking, smaller high definition displays have more pixels packed in and look better to the naked eye, however, when you consider the distance from which you will be watching a large Tv, the extra pixel advantages of the smaller display are lost. Watching stuff on a large display from a few feet away is a much more pleasurable experience than from a smaller albeit sharper (in some cases) display.


The ability to play stuff directly from my 500GB external hard drive which holds my archive of movies and shows is pretty neat and is probably the major thing that’s changed since my last plasma TV. The last one would play pictures and songs but not videos and also wouldn’t read storage devices larger than 4GB.


I have probably watched a lot more shows and movies in the past month or so (About 4 movies and 12 episodes), than I have for all the months before that thanks to the new Tv arrangement.


Using the PS4 to surf the Internet, while a chore, (as all typing still has to done on the control pad), does make for interesting viewing sometimes as well (by the way, Techsuplex looks awesome on the large screen).


With smartphones, tablets and ultrabooks now increasingly geared towards being media consumption devices first before anything, is your Tv still seeing any action?



Two other things



It’s now 82 days since more than 200 girls were kidnapped in Chibok, Borno state. Eight of the girls’ parents have died since the new broke—probably from the stress of the harrowing situation. I can’t even imagine what the families of the girls are going through or what the girls themselves have been put through. Say a little prayer for them.


Soldiers of Arson

Soldiers went on rampage in Lagos yesterday and burnt BRT buses after one of the buses allegedly knocked one of their own dead from reckless driving. I’m no supporter of violence, but I couldn’t help but wonder if we would have any army left if the civilian population took the law into their hands every time a civilian is killed from Army recklessness. I wish they could channel their love for arson to smoking out the kidnappers of those Chibok girls.


...half genius, half unserious.

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