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BBM Beta for Windows Phone Goes Live


BBM Beta for Windows Phone Goes Live

If you have been following us the last few days, we covered the latest move by the Waterloo company and its intent to launch BBM for Beta testers on Windows Phone. Not too long ago, emails were sent to approved Windows Phone users of the availability of the app for download.

We are currently installing the app on our devices and will be giving you a full review as we assist Blackberry in the beta program. To those who werent able to join be program, here is a link to the Beta App (You might be lucky). In the meantime, here are some tidbits into what is available on the beta app. According to Blackberry, it includes;

BBID Setup and Log-in (for Whitelisted BBIDs)

  • Create BBM Profile
  • Invite a contact and suggested contacts (people you know)
  • 1-to-1 & Multi-person Chat
  • Contact Categories
  • Manage Settings
  • BBM Groups
  • Pin to Start
  • Notifications and in-app “splats” for new content. See them in Feeds, Contacts when they’ve sent you a message, etc.

Some known issues in this particular build include;

  • Invites and acceptances don’t send when Windows Phone goes out of WiFi coverage
  • A few newer emoticons are not rendering properly (i.e *brrrr*, and *flex* and @-@)
  • Windows Phone shows as available for BBM Voice call although feature is not supported (seen on Android and iOS, not BlackBerry 10)
  • Error popup appears when using “Find Friends” and the “OK” button is selected
  • Suggested Contacts tab only shows users already using BBM, but lists them as potential contacts when BBM is initially launched

Although an official public launch date isn’t available, blackberry has noted that the app will be available to the public in a few weeks.

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