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Microsoft unveils the N4,000 Nokia 130


Microsoft unveils the N4,000 Nokia 130

If you thought the low-end Nokia devices were gone, with Nokia, think again. Microsoft has just announced a new “dumb” phone under the Nokia branding (which they get to use for a few years on “dumbphones” according to their agreement).

The device is targeted at first time phone owners probably with the hopes of upselling them to Microsoft’s own smartphones down the line, so it is as basic as they come these days—it will call, text, has an SD card slot from which it can play music and videos and you can use it as a torchlight—that’s it.

There is no Internet capability of any sort bundled with the device, neither is there a camera or any other fancy feature.

The device will retail for around N4,000 roughly ($25) which is not bad, and if you are in the habit of carrying a spare dumbphone around, this may be one you would want to check out.

...half genius, half unserious.

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