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Instagram’s New App Hyperlapse


Instagram’s New App Hyperlapse

Super smooth videos that are hitting the web are being created using Instagrams new app Hyperlapse.
It is really hard to keep a camera dead steady as it is, for over a journey of a number of minutes it’s even harder. Well, Hyperlapse uses pretty clever processing to produce a much more watchable result.
Once you’ve recorded your journey, you can decide how fast you want the final video to run.


The app itself looks pretty simple, but what going on behind the scenes in side your smartphone is actually quite impressive.

When video footage shakes, if you think about it, the middle part of the picture stays pretty similar. So by zooming in a bit and twisting it a bit when you need to and getting rid of those wobbly edges you can create smooth or be it slightly resolution video.


This kind of technology has been available on computers for a while. The smartphone version though has an extra trick up its sleeve by mixing in data from the phones built in gyroscope as well as analysing the video footage.
And because you’re speeding the video up, the app can throw away frames which would make the end result shaky giving those videos a ghostly smoothness.

It looks like Instagram is trying to steal a match on Apples iOS 8 due in a few days which also features a time lapse. Microsoft also demoed a similar feature a few weeks ago and said they are working on putting it for Windows phones.

Instagram plans to release an Android version of its app but until then you will have to have an iPhone to produce your Hyperlapses.

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