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iPhone 6 Plus: Hands-on Photos and Quick Impressions


iPhone 6 Plus: Hands-on Photos and Quick Impressions

Two posts in quick succession, after about a year’s hiatus. Hopefully, I will write more often going forward. Like I mentioned on the BlackBerry Passport Hands-on and Impressions post, I also have an iPhone 6 plus in my hands right now, I have had it with me since last night as well.

The iPhone 6 plus is a beast‎.
 iPhone 6 Plus Techsuplex (1)
Coming straight from the iPhone 5, the display is huge (note that I am not complaining). Apart from the larger, really beautiful display, the size takes some getting used to. It feels bulky too at first, and different from the normal.
In some ways, it reminds me of how I felt when I first picked up the BlackBerry Z30 – it feels radically different but necessary at the same time. In this case, it is a good feeling.
The number one perk that comes with the size is the beautiful display, and it is beautiful everything feels like it is right there at your finger tips. The larger size also means Apple has been able to shove a much bigger battery than usual into the iPhone 6 Plus, though I haven’t stressed it enough yet, to conclude how much difference it makes. You get all the other perks of an Apple device as well, it feels premium, nice and well designed. Speaking of design, no, mine hasn’t bent yet or look like it is about to, but then again, I am not a skinny jeans aficionado – I am skinny enough for both me and my jeans. To be honest, while the phone is feels wide and thin, it doesn’t feel like it will bend except you sat on it, or deliberately tried to bend it by applying force.
 iPhone 6 Plus Techsuplex (4)
As you will expect from an iPhone, or any Apple product, the software zips through most of what you need it to do without issue. Some new additions to the software – iOS 8 like better notifications and frequently dialed contacts are nice. Not so sure about others such as the “Widgets” though – they seem not to be able to do much (yet).
The display is without doubt my favourite thing about the iPhone 6 Plus right now. The bigger display makes watching videos and reading items on the iPhone 6 Plus more really pleasant without having to zoom in as often as I needed to on the iPhone 5.
Here are some hands-on photos:


A nerd like no other.

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