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The Custom Playstation 4 Laptop


The Custom Playstation 4 Laptop

Want a semi-portable PlayStation 4 “laptop” with a 22in screen that you can take anywhere? It’ll only cost you US$1395 (about N230,000) – or US$1095 (about N180,000) if you send your own PS4 console. Modder Edward Zarick created the so-called PlayBook 4 after previously concocting the similar Xbook One with Microsoft’s console, and he’s taking orders for anyone who wants one custom-made.


The whole thing has been designed to go together almost seamlessly. All of the 3D prints and laser cut acrylic fit nicely into each other and all match up. It is all pieced together using glue, screws and chemical cements to form the main body. On the downside the units do NOT have a battery, it must be plugged into a 110v wall outlet to work. These game consoles are just not designed to run on batteries said Zarrick.

Wherever you go, we imagine you’ll want to take extra special care of it. The system costs roughly N250k, after all (though the price comes down to N180k plus shipping if you send Zarick your own PS4).




[Source: Edsjunk, Joystiq]

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