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Android Lollipop Running on Samsung Galaxy Phones (video)


Android Lollipop Running on Samsung Galaxy Phones (video)

The good folks over at Sammobile have gotten hold of test firmware updates of Android 5.0 aka Lollipop for the Galaxy S4 and S5, which you can view in all its glory down below.

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I have never been much of a fan of Samsung’s TouchWiz interface and have since moved on to the Nexus 5 so that I can enjoy Android in its pure, unadulterated candy-coated glory, but seeing as Samsung phones are the highest selling in the world, I guess TouchWiz does have its fans. The new lockscreen notifications and the new Lollipop drop down notification style are present but don’t expect the Material Design language to permeate throughout the phone as it seems limited to just a few system apps, like Settings and the Music app and a few others. Don’t expect a huge visual overhaul, it still looks like the version of TouchWiz that shipped with the S5.

So, who is excited about Android Lollipop coming to their Samsung handsets? Leave a comment down below.

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