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There is a “Naija” Sticker collection on BBM…and it’s pretty cool!


There is a “Naija” Sticker collection on BBM…and it’s pretty cool!

Since the introduction of Stickers on BBM, I have had mixed feelings about them. I prefer the old smileys, so on one hand, I don’t like that stickers are pushed in my face at every opportunity. Also the fact that I now need an extra step to get to my beloved smileys is annoying. Then I don’t like the fact that there isn’t a way to sort them or hide the ones you don’t need, like the free Christmas pack which I got during the holidays that my BlackBerry Passport loves sending to people whenever I forget to lock my screen before tossing it into my pocket.

On the other hand, they are quick to send and being someone that learnt the smileys on a typewriter (meaning, I actually type out the symbols rather than select them from the menu), the time saved by sending a sticker for me is a huge deal.

For the first time since BBM stickers became a thing though, I would be paying $1.99 in devalued Naira for a sticker set. Why? Because, FINALLY, there is one that tickles my fancy, and if you’re Nigerian it should tickles yours too. It’s a “Naija” sticker set, with common Nigerian mannerisms and slangs illustrated on each of the twenty stickers in the set.

I think it’s fun set and it’s on that’s sure to drive engagement on BBM up in these parts, which I’m pretty sure BlackBerry wouldn’t mind at this point seeing as they have put N10,000,000 up for grabs in a bit to acquire new users.

Here are a couple of stickers from the set.

Update: I got to hear the backstory of the three characters on the sticker pack. That’s story is here.

IMG_20150225_160756 IMG_20150225_160743 IMG_20150225_160728 IMG_20150225_160718 IMG_20150225_155946

...half genius, half unserious.

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