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She Leads Africa and Huawei Announce Fellowship Program for African Female Technology Entrepreneurs


She Leads Africa and Huawei Announce Fellowship Program for African Female Technology Entrepreneurs

In August a select group of Africa’s most promising young female technology entrepreneurs will have

the opportunity to participate on an innovation exchange to China. This is a result of an exciting

partnership between She Leads Africa and Huawei Technologies Ltd.

The Huawei­She Leads Africa Fellowship is the first program of its kind to provide female tech

entrepreneurs from across Africa the opportunity to visit China to receive a behind the scenes

experience at the technology giant, network with peer entrepreneurs and develop relationships with

investors and companies interested in doing business in Africa.

The weeklong program will begin in Shenzhen, China where entrepreneurs will visit Huawei

Headquarters, touring the expansive complex, meeting with business leaders and interacting with the

company’s latest technologies. The visit will take the entrepreneurs through the inspirational growth

story of the technology giant from phone switch manufacturer in 1987 to multinational networking,

telecoms equipment, and services company with over 140,000 employees and revenues of over $40bn

and operations across the globe.

With nearly 46% of its employees in R&D and its long standing commitment to innovation and

research, the selected female entrepreneurs will be flown to Shanghai, China to visit the company’s

world class research and development centre.

In between stops at Huawei, entrepreneurs will meet with some of China’s best and brightest young

entrepreneurs and visit technology incubators and design factories leading the way in innovation.

“We are extremely pleased to partner with Huawei to provide African female tech entrepreneurs the

opportunity to learn what it takes to become to build a global company and develop the connections

and relationships it takes to make that happen,” says She Leads Africa co­founder Yasmin Belo­Osagie.

The fellowship is the second collaboration between She Leads Africa and Huawei. Huawei was one of

the flagship sponsors for SLA’s Entrepreneur Showcase held in September 2014. This collaboration is

evidence of Huawei’s continued dedication to supporting female entrepreneurs from across the


Applications have just now opened and will close on April 30th. Eligible applicants must be women

between the ages of 18­40 who are building a technology business focused on Africa. Applications can

be accessed via this link or

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