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MOXO X-1 bluetooth speaker defies gravity as you listen


MOXO X-1 bluetooth speaker defies gravity as you listen

I am always checking out for for speakers and other audio stuff in my free time. Besides technology, sound is probably my next thing in line. It has been a bit since the last headphone review on here, but that’ll change soon. In fact, we’ve got two bluetooth speaker reviews (one from JBL and another from Bose) in the pipeline.

Speaking of Bluetooth speakers, yet another one caught my eyes today, while researching some stuff for the upcoming reviews, in the most unusual way too, unusual because I haven’t even checked it out yet to see if its any good audio-wise.

The MOXO X – 1 Mini Bluetooth 4.1 Maglev 3D Music Player (what’s with Chinese people and these long product names?) features speakers that “levitate” same way a maglev train does (hence the Maglev bit in that very long name) while playing back sound.

I have scoured the internet looking for reviews of what the speaker’s performance is like, with no luck, even the trusty amazon doesn’t have any user reviews at the moment, still, I am mad tempted to try them out, or at the very least see them in action just for the entertainment value. Imagine what the reactions will be each time you play something and the speaker levitates? Party piece for sure.

Since there’s nothing on the audio performance, here’s what I’ve been able to piece together. The speakers feature a speaker and charging dock (which doubles as the “launch pad”). It’s Bluetooth 4.1 ready and can pair with an NFC capable device with just a tap. The speakers also feature a 1500mAh battery which promise 10 hours of continuous playback on one charge.

If it looks remotely interesting to you and you want to get one, you will find it and more info about it here on Gearbest or on Amazon with the link about for twice as much. If you do get around to cop one of the speakers, please let me know what it sounds like.

Update: For some weird reason, a random check for more speakers on the same website for shows the same speaker with a 43% discount. You may want to use that instead.

Team Techsuplex!

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