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iRokoTv’s mobile app now live for downloads


iRokoTv’s mobile app now live for downloads

IrokoTV has been tweaking their offering for a bit now to find the best strategy that works for Africa. Just last month, it announced that it will be shutting down its desktop streaming service in Africa to focus on a mobile strategy which will move from the streaming model, in favour of a download and watch approach.

Soon after that, they started hiring developers and designers to “capture the spirit and the soul of Nollywood content, translate that into an amazing mobile-first reality and lead viewers to content they love.”

The first product resulting from all the above manoeuvres is an iRokoTv android app which is now available on the Google Play store. The app lets you download iRoko’s catalogue of over 6000 Nigerian and Ghanian movies as well as Indian, Telenovelas, Korean and Hollywood movies.

Downloads are possible only after subscriptions which cost N500 per month, N2,000 for 6 months and N3,000 for a year. According to a user review on Google Play, subscribers are limited to 10 downloads a month.

Early user reviews point to the fact that the at least some of the users aren’t too pleased with the changes, but it’s still too early to tell how widespread that sentiment is.

If you want to take the app for a spin, you will find it here on Google Play.

...half genius, half unserious.

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