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Stage Fright Is Back!


Stage Fright Is Back!

Remember stagefright? That native media playback tool used by android malicious hackers to snoop around your device and extract your private data that we shared an article on how to prevent you from being infected.

Zimperium, the same security company that shed light on the initial vulnerability, now warns of two new bugs that have been found in the very same Android Stage fright component. According to the official description, unlike the former which attacked messaging apps, the new vulnerabilities affects all Android builds starting from 1.0 till date and can be triggered by downloading an mp4 or mp3 file or even just previewing the file. In the case that they are on the same network, the hacker can even inject the exploit code into the victims smartphone without him/her having to download or preview any content.

For now, Zimperium & Google are still working on an update on the original app to detect the new threat with claims to rollout the updates from 5th October on Nexus devices and other smartphones and companies shortly after. Meanwhile, End users are advised to take caution and stay away from malicious apps, ads and strange sites. In the meantime you can still download the Stagefright Detector app to check your vulnerability status.

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