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Apple is trolling us with the new iPhone smart battery case


Apple is trolling us with the new iPhone smart battery case

iPhone battery life sucks.

That’s probably the most open secret in consumer technology. It’s the reason why the battery section of most iPhone reviews is barely there. And why, even though most reviews will tell you that you can “stretch the battery life” to get a full day’s use, in real life, that’s next to impossible. Everyone knows that Apple’s fixation with having thin devices and shaving millimetres off each iteration, is probably responsible for the shoddy battery life on the iPhone but no one says so…because, well…it’s the Almighty Apple. (On a random tip, what’s with Apple and power generally? Because their chargers suck as well).

Anyways, as if to troll our collective silence, Apple has released a “smart battery case” for the iPhone 6 and 6s, to help get you back home after a day’s work, without having a wall hugging session during the day. Apple claims the new case paired with your iPhone 6s will give you up to 25 hours of talk, 22 hours of HD video playback, or 18 hours of LTE web browsing – a huge bump compared to the 14 hours of talk, 11 hours of HD video playback and 10 hours of LTE web browsing the iPhone 6s on its own is rated for. Like with the iPhone, I doubt anyone will get anything close to that in actual use, but that’s a different story.

The case itself manages to be everything cool about Apple, everything uncool about Apple and a total departure from the essence of Apple all at the same time.

For the cool bit, the case lets you charge and sync your device with one lightning cable, has a passive antenna to make up for whatever network signal you lose by covering the antenna with a case and you also get the battery status displayed in your notification area. The uncool bit: You can’t use L-shaped audio jacks because they won’t fit, there’s no power button to turn of the case, so you basically have to deplete your extra battery first and the case doesn’t come with a charger or lightning cable in the box, so you’re either stuck with using your current one, or buying another one.

The bit about being a total departure from Apple’s essence is in the aesthetics, the case features an awkward bump which reminds me of this guy:nigerian-policeman-sleeping

Apple-iPhone-Battery-Case1In characteristic Apple fashion, the case with its 1,877mAh battery capacity is priced at $99 (~ N20,000 at CBN rate, or N24,000 at a BDC). For perspective Anker’s ultra-slim extended battery case, packs a 2850 mAH battery without a pot belly for just $40.

I won’t bet against it selling millions of units though…because, Apple.

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