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What It Feels Like To Use Google Keep

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What It Feels Like To Use Google Keep

First things first I’m the realest or realist or whatever she says. Both are correct for me. This will be your first time reading my app reviews on TechSuplex which I intend to make a regular feature.

I have had the chance to use so many Android apps (when I update my device the app count on the Android is upgrading xxx apps always shocks me). I sometimes get my app recommends from posts that list the top ten or top 20 apps for Android in 2015 or something like that. And then I go trying them out to see which one meets a need I might not have known I had in my life.

Some apps are hits and some are misses. I have had misgivings starting this app review column because I hate giving negative feedback (and a lot of my experiences using apps are negative) but my friends say that negative reviews help people not waste time trying stuff out and actually helps app developers know what not to do. My caveat will end with a note to my Nigerian app developer friends, if you would wish for your app not to be reviewed on TechSuplex (never anything personal) please do well to mail the editor to request a pass on your app. Or else it’s open season out here.

My first app review article will be on one of the bright stars in the app constellation: Google Keep. I do not remember how I got introduced to Keep but I have been using it since forever. I type all my blog posts on Keep before bringing them out to the public eye. I take notes in meetings on my tab on Google Keep and copy them seamlessly to my emails from the desktop client. I can store bank accounts and memory trigger cards for phone numbers in Keep and have them accessible to me anywhere in the world on any device I log onto.

I imagine in the future we will have these google panels that will accept 5 fingerprints from one hand in a palm print (think Kingsman Secret Service bad guy) and then log you into your Google account where you will be able to access your emails, phone contacts, Google Drive files and Keep notes. I digress but the message is, the sync is really where it comes together with Keep.

Other note taking apps (won’t call the popular one here) have all this and more but it is the simplicity of Keep that gets me. It is possible now to colour code your notes. For me Red is an urgent to-do list, blue is for my pet projects like Stories and TPL, Grey is for sermon notes, white is for anything money related, Orange is for my memory triggers. Keep is also searchable by content and title. So if I come on Keep looking for anything related to mangoes all I do is type mangoes in the search box and any post with mangoes in the body text or title comes up. It’s so convenient for forgetful people like me!

I have also enjoyed the ability to set reminders on Keep. I have set recurring reminders to call someone and discuss some list I have on Keep. Sometimes I am really scattered and then sometimes I am really organized and methodical. The times I am methodical, you can be sure that Keep is being involved.

Keep is my favorite way of sharing notes with people. Just click the plus head sign to add an email of someone who can access the note in Keep and edit it in real time. It’s fun watching my friend Ada type on my Keep note while I have it open and see her struggling with the right words to use. This strength of Keep is also where its weakness shows up. Sometimes something goes horribly wrong and I come back to a Keep note to see all sorts of long gibberish words like a 6 month old was pressing the phone. This only happens with shared notes as I have come to find out. I don’t know why it happens but I think some sync conflicts are the cause.

Google Keep now allows you to draw on a note with your finger or with a stylus, depending on your phone. Now this is amazing. “Let me paint a picture for you darling. Open this note on Google Keep. Use your finger to draw on your screen while I draw on mine. Together we can make something beautiful even though we are a million miles apart.” How did that sound? See how romantic Google Keep can make you?

Final Verdict (Start, Stop or Wait): START.

Have you used Google Keep? Do you have anything to add in the comments below? I would love to hear your thoughts. See you next week!

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