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Moving from Android to iOS: An iPhone 6s review of sorts


Moving from Android to iOS: An iPhone 6s review of sorts

I like or dislike certain things based on sentiment. Despite being an Apple user for years (Mac, iPad, Apple TV), I never had the slightest interest in using an iPhone. All it was to me was a glorified iPad that I could clamp on my ear and not look like a bush woman. Then there’s the price and constant upgrades. Nah. Android was the way to go for me.

I have been a HTC fan for the longest time. Started with one of the first ones from the Desire series in 2010 and never looked back. Well, till recently that is. I used the HTC One M8 for over a year (reviewed it here) and was looking forward to upgrading to the M9 but eventually didn’t, because the M9 didn’t feel much like an upgrade OS or looks-wise. So I held on to the M8 but was on the look out for something new and different.

In desperation (I cracked the screen of the M8 :'( ), I considered using a Samsung. Briefly. Till I played with an S6 Edge. It felt like I was holding a toy. Nah. From that point on, I had only one option. An iPhone.

I admit, I felt like a fraud for even considering it. I had always been pretty vocal about not liking the concept of an iPhone so becoming a user didn’t sit well with me but I eventually succumbed.

I bought an iPhone 6s.

The Point of Sale was where I had my first gripe. The Storage. Why is there even a 16gb option in 2015? (No typo, this was written then) Is that for kids or what? Considering the current state of my wallet, I decided to go with the 64gb while placing my order at an Apple store. By the time I got to the front of the line though, I had second thoughts. My HTC One M8 had come with 16gb storage to which I added a 64gb SD card and still for the past 6 months, I was always having to delete one thing or the other, upload stuff to the cloud and clear caches to make space, so obviously a 64gb iPhone without the option of microSD expansion was going to be a stretch. For the princely sum of 80 pounds, I upgraded to one with 128gb. Sigh (of relief). Really though, Apple, do better. Your entry level should not be 16gb, especially considering the preinstalled apps which can’t be deleted.

The phone feel okay in my hands. It’s lighter than the M8, smaller in size too, but still has that reassuring heft which I like. I also like the clean, simple look, which by the way Apple ‘stole’ from HTC with the iPhone 5 in my opinion.

Gripe over. Moving on.

Navigating iOs on the iPhone was not a problem for me because besides being really easy to figure for a total newbie, I’m familiar with the operating system seeing as like I mentioned above, I have owned an iPad for a bit. After a few days use, I’ve decided that the ports at the bottom of the phone irritate me and making my pinky sore. I don’t know if it’s the same for others but I’m having to find new ways of holding the phone with one hand lest I have a permanent groove or sore on my finger.

For all the noise that gets made, I haven’t been overly blown away by the camera…yet. I took loads of pretty awesome pictures with my HTC without any unnecessary drama and had been hoping the iPhone 6s camera will blow it out of the water and lead me to realise what I have been missing. Unfortunately, it hasn’t…yet.

I was so sold on the iPhone camera hype, that I expected the phone to find a subject and take photos by itself. I took a couple of pictures with both the iPhone 6s and the HTC One M8 to compare both, and in my experience, the HTC took brighter pictures and I usually liked the first shot on the HTC. With the iPhone, I usually have to take a bunch of photos, then look for one that I like.

Sanusi is of the opinion that the iPhone pictures are supposed to be closer to the real thing in terms of colour and temperature, while the HTC automatically enhances each shot. His argument made sense, till I took a shot of my pot of red lamb stew that the iPhone reproduced as brown. So no. Not so sure I agree with his argument any more.

Photo Tests

All the pictures on the left (top if you are viewing on a mobile device) are from the iPhone, the ones on the right from the HTC One M8. They are all unaltered.

one candle        one candle htc

The HTC shot here looks sharper, more dramatic. I had no lights on in the room, just the light from the candle and the aim was to get a dramatic low light shot. I prefer the one on the right definitely.

candles iphone        candles htc

The HTC pic is more dramatic while the iPhone shot has more details. With the iPhone shot, you can clearly see the blinds which is all but cancelled out in the HTC shot.

mirror iphone         side mirror htc

Both phones took presentable pictures outside in the sun. The HTC shows some part of the sky slightly overexposed. The trees are sharper in the HTC pic. The iPhone shot has a more reddish tint, earthier.

light iphone         light balcony

I quite like both shots. Was tempted to crop out the frame on the iPhone shot but didn’t want to alter the picture in any way.

stew iphone          stew htc

Here, my stew looked much darker than it actually was in the iPhone shot. The HTC shot was brighter, closer to the actual color

estate iphone         estate htc

The iPhone shot here shows slightly more clarity though there seems to be some noise.

flower iphone         yellow htc

The colors in the HTC shot are deeper though there seems to be more details showing through in the iPhone shot.

My photography is mostly food related and spontaneous. The HTC One M8 was pretty good at doing this and I was hoping the iPhone will elevate this without the need for any gimmicks and set design. It however hasn’t quite panned out that way yet.

I’ll go straight to the point and save you the troublebattery life sucks! My second phone is a Blackberry Passport so I’m pretty chuffed with its battery life. It made the HTC battery seem lame. In comparison, the iPhone battery is practically in a wheel chair. It’s 2015. I honestly don’t understand why a full charge can’t last till evening at least.

I miss how easy it is to use the android, most especially via gestures which apple is just catching up to. For instance, the layered approach that lets you keep going back one step at a time, out of an app/open browser pages and all the way to the home screen, is something I sorely miss on the iPhone. I hate that I can’t save an image direct from say twitter with the iPhone. Can’t pair or share via bluetooth…I can go on. The device feels quite restrictive in many ways. Apple needs to be a good boy and come out to play in the field with others.

It’s still early days though. If I had to, I will rate the iPhone (so far and in comparison to my HTC and the Android experience) a 7/10 and that’s considering the ‘new toy’ factor. I might update this in a couple months. See if the iPhone maintains its position or grows on me. Or maybe I learn all the tricks and tips and get better at maxing out its good bits.

That said, I’m already eyeing the HTC A9. Please don’t break my heart HTC.

Not a techie. Not a nerd. Lover of gadgets, food and life.

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