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How To: Download Subtitles Automatically On VLC Media Player (PC)


How To: Download Subtitles Automatically On VLC Media Player (PC)

Tired of straining your ears for that blockbuster series you love? Well today it might interest you to know that I’ll be letting you into a new trick to solve your problems. This method is quite simple and easy and with it you can get the subtitle of any movie online with your Windows PC and VLC media player without having to download each manually. So, here are the steps after the jump:

STEP 1: Download Vlsub extension on your computer here.

STEP 2: Now extract the zip file and then copy the vlsub extension on desktop or wherever u deem fit.

STEP 3: Head to my computer C:>Program Files>VideoLAN>VLC , create a new folder with name extensions


STEP 4: Go back to your extracted folder and copy the vlsub.lua file and paste it into the extension folder


STEP 5: Open any video with VLC media player and click on the view option, a dialog box should appear simply search by name or hashtag and click on the download.


And we are done. With the above method, your movies will now get played with the subtitles and you have the chance of enjoying your favourite series without missing out on any plot details. Don’t forget to comment below if you liked it and share it on all your social media. Cheers!

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